About Us

The Garran Dental Way -

To Deliver Excellence, Quality and Value To You

Garran Dental deliver with honesty, compassionate and integrity. We value the trust you place in us, and the only thing matters is to ensure that we deliver that sparkly smile. Nothing else matters other than your oral health needs, and we are motivated in making sure the results you experience are unforgettable.

The Garran Dental Philosophy

Satisfaction, Satisfaction, Satisfaction. You are our motivation and we’re not satisfied with the results of your teeth unless you are. Our Garran dentists work with integrity and trust and make sure your experience with us is as comfortable, relaxing, and respectful. A happy patient is a happy practice!

You don’t need to be reminded just how important positive oral health is to your well-being. It is our prerogative to ensure that your oral health is strong and long-lasting. We go further than just looking out for your teeth. We want to instill that long-lost confidence to help you smile confidently again.

As part of our philosophy, not only do we look out for you and your oral health, we also look out for the oral health of prospective patients within local communities. We want to spread a message of happy and healthy smiles!

What Garran Dental Offer

Exceptional Oral-Health Results

Efficient and Affordable Treatments

Respect and Integrity to Maintain the Highest Quality of Service

A Happy, Relaxed and Comfortable Environment

The Garran Dental Commitment

Not only are we committed to delivery sparkling smiles for our patients, we are motivated to ensure that patients meet their oral goals. With trust and honesty, Garran Dental have a reputation of delivering positive results for our patient. We set our standards high and we’re only satisfied with the outcome for you, our patient, if you’re happy. We are not only committed to the people of Garran or Woden, but also the surrounding areas like Hackett, Evatt, and Weetangera.

At Garran Dental, it is the pride that our customers feel to be treated within our practice that pushes us to deliver more for you.

Garran Dental are ready for you, you’re just a few clicks away from smiling season!