Dental Implants Woden

Are you looking for a permanent natural solution to restore your confidence? Dental Implants are the next best thing to restoring your natural smile.

The Garran Benefits of Dental Implants

Restores Your Natural Look

Stronger and Healthier Teeth

Matching of Your Natural Teeth

Better Speech Impediment

Continue Eating Your Favourite Foods

Dental implants are the next best thing in restoring that natural look because they’re designed to function exactly like your normal teeth. Although a prosthetic fit, the solutions to your overall oral health are broad. An implant stimulates the bone growth and preserves your bone structure, which in-turn improves your bite, teeth alignment and the overall strength of your mouth.

If you have a missing gap in your mouth or suffering from tooth decay, it’s more than likely you’ll require a dental implant.

The Garran Approach For Dental Implants

It is important before you’re referred for a dental implant that your mouth is in a healthy state.

Our skilled and friendly Garran dentists will perform an evaluation within the concerned area using X-Ray screening to determine your medical condition.  Bear in mind that if your tooth is healthy enough to use, further treatments such as a root canal will be recommended. The procedure of a typical dental implant fitting involves infusing a titanium screw into your jawbone to determine if your jawbone bonds with the screw. This helps understand the strength of your bone structure. Where it’s identified that the screw does not bond with your jawbone, alternative treatments will be recommended.

Passing your medical condition puts you on the road to successful implant treatment! Before an implant is fitted, any remains of your previous tooth will need to be removed. The artificial tooth is moulded to fit on top of the titanium screw. The surgeon then begins to model a replacement tooth to fit on top as the final touch. The screw is permanently fitted before the prosthetic tooth is fitted on top as the final step.

The results of an implant? A natural-looking, natural functioning tooth!

But wait! That’s not the end of it. Once the implant has been completed, the next important thing is to look after it.

The Garran Implant Aftercare Tips

There are no specific aftercare treatments for looking after a dental implant. If you adopt the following tips to your life, your implant will benefit you for years to come:

  • Regular brushing and flossing twice a day even after a heavy meal
  • Maintain a balanced diet limiting sugary treats and chewy snacks
  • Reducing the use of alcohol, smoking and tobacco
  • Keep debris away from your teeth
  • Maintain an active lifestyle

As long as you maintain a positive oral routine just as you would with your natural teeth, the implant will function for years to come, delivering bigger and brighter smiles.

Garran Dental are ready for you, you’re just a few clicks away from smiling season!