Dental Emergency at Woden

Suffering from intense discomfort and aren’t quite sure what to do next? Dental emergencies can be dangerous to your oral health. Don’t delay and get same day immediate care at Garran Dental!

Immediate assessment and diagnosis of your current condition

Fast-tracked treatment options

Immediate pain and trauma relief

Limit immediate oral health concerns

Leave with a healthier smile

Nobody can doubt the fact that dental traumas are terrifying, especially if you’re unsure on the reason why and not having access to immediate pain-relief treatment. Garran Dental are here to calm your concerns and offer same day emergency care to relieve you from stress and discomfort.

Dental emergencies are beyond anyone’s control. Whether you’re suffering from light or severe discomfort, it needs to be immediately treated to avoid further damage to your oral health.

Garran Dental are specialists in this field, so you can rest assured you are in good hands!

Why Are You Suffering from Dental Pain?

Dental emergencies are often caused by accidents or injuries, such as an awkward bite, a physical accident or a lack of care for your teeth. In turn, it promotes significant risk to the health of your teeth, jaw and bone structure. When a nerve of the tooth is irritated, this causes toothache or tooth pain.

As a result, your teeth could be infected, decayed, crooked, damaged beyond repair or you could be suffering from internal bleeding. It is important that you contact your local dentist immediately if you experience slight or heavy discomfort. Without doing this, you increase the chances of risk to your oral health, and further expensive treatments.

It is natural to look for pain relief remedies at home, and whilst they work as a temporary pain relief solution, they are not the long-term solution to the emergency you’re experiencing.

The Garran Way to Immediate Pain Relief

Our experienced dental specialists will identify the root cause of your emergency and determine the treatment required. As soon as you’re in the capable hands of our team, relax and let us get to work.

It is typical that the result of your emergency examination will identify that you are suffering from:

  • Broken or Chipped Tooth
  • Wisdom Teeth Pain
  • Gum Inflammation
  • Jaw Injuries
  • Soft-Tissue Damage
  • Gum Disease Internal Bleeding
  • Lost or Missing Crown

OAfter assessing your oral condition, recommended future treatments will be offered. You will also be given extra advice on recommended changes that you should make to your oral hygiene routine if it’s determined that poor oral hygiene is the root cause of the problem.

Rest assured, the knowledge we share to you is to ensure that this is the first and last time you suffer from a dental emergency. We also have a team of experienced dentists in Woden to serve the area.

If you’re reading this whilst in discomfort, Garran are ready for you.

Contact us immediately for a full diagnosis and treatment options.