Sedation in Woden

What We Do To Help

It is common to feel anxious about a dental visit. There are many reasons as to why patients feel anxious. It is our job at Garran Dental to identify these reasons and provide solutions to make you feel positive and relaxed about your visit. We’re motivated to help you overcome these issues so that you can see a dental visit in a more positive light.
Garran Dental have successfully supported many patients with anxiety, and the results have been uplifting for many patients. If you feel anxiety, be rest assured that Garran Dental have everything you need to be relaxed and comfortable within our practice.

What Do Garran Dental Offer?

The dentist may offer the use of Laughing Gas to help you feel more comfortable during your visit to the dentist. The gas is intended to reduce your anxiety and help you feel more relaxed. There are no lasting after effects with the gas. This simply helps to calm your fears. It will not put you to sleep. You’ll continue to feel, hear and speak as normal with a tingle within your body.

The Laughing Gas is a fitted mask that you will keep on for a short period. The gas is intended to keep in effect during the procedure you’re undergoing.

Laughing Gas for Children

The use of laughing gas for children is completely safe. Children may also feel intimidated by the visit to the dentist and, whilst there are many measures which help calm children fears over time, this is a preferred sedation method. Some children may need appropriate time to feel comfortable breathing into it.

Common Misconceptions of The Use of Laughing Gas In Practice

Dentists have to inform themselves as to what is considered legal within the practice. There are many opinions which have been misconstrued about Laughing Gas. Here are some common misconceptions.

  • The patient will forget what happened during the procedure
  • The patient will be unable to function
  • The patient will be unable to think or talk for a period of time

Garran Dental are qualified to use extensive forms of treatment if it is necessary for the patient. The misconceptions are exactly that, misconceptions. It is hoped going forward that during regular dental visits, laughing gas won’t need to be administered. However, it is a helpful solution to help make you feel accustomed to the dental practice and feel more comfortable. We also have a team of experienced dentists in Woden to serve the area.

Are you nervous about your visit to the dentist?

Are you anxious and scared?

Garran Dental are here to reassure you that your dental visit will be comfortable, calm and happy.