Root Canal Treatment in Woden

Suffering from a severely cracked or damaged tooth? Root canal treatment is just the answer to save it. Our helpful team are waiting for your call at Garran Dental. Book yourself in now!

Limit infection and bacteria risk

Pain-free treatment

Save your mouth from permanent damage

Stronger teeth

Endodontic therapy is necessary if you’re suffering from severe discomfort and the dentist has identified a severely damaged or decayed tooth.

The tooth’s pulp located at the center of the teeth becomes inflamed due to invading bacteria, typically known as Pulpitis. Other causes of discomfort leading to root canal treatment are tooth decay, leaky fillings, post-pain trauma, pulpal sensitivity known as nerve pain or excess teeth grinding.

Pulpitis can become so severe which may mean the tooth needs to be removed entirely to make way for further replacement-tooth surgery such as implants or dentures.

Garran dental are always looking to maintain naturality of your teeth and we will work effortlessly to ensure that we save most of your natural tooth as we can. Here’s why.

  • Maintain the natural structure of the jaw and mouth to maintain a smooth bite and chew function.
  • Keep stimulation of the bone to maintain its strength, which helps keep your teeth strong.
  • Collapse of the bite causes rapid occlusion which alters your natural appearance.
  • Maintain communication to the brain through the nerves to maintain natural chewing sensation

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The Garran Root Canal Treatment Process

If you’re experiencing your first every root canal treatment procedure, we’re here to reassure you that root canal treatment is a positive form of treatment for your natural teeth. Ignore all the common misconceptions and you’ll instantly experience the benefits of root canal treatment.

Here’s what to expect within a typical root canal procedure:


Examination of your affected tooth and identifying the severity of the infection.

Examination of your affected tooth and identifying the severity of the infection.

Our state-of-the-art equipment will swiftly clear any debris and clean the infected area, including pulp removal to limit bacteria forming.

Shape the root canal and place a large filling within the infected area to cover the gap.

Once time has passed and within the next scheduled appointment, a crown is placed to stabilise the tooth and strength surrounding teeth. This helps strengthen the teeth and avoids further damage.
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Root Canal Treatment Aftercare at Garran Dental

Once root canal treatment is complete, it is very rare that the concerned area will become infected again. However, immediately after treatment, the tooth will be sensitive and must be appropriately cared for before it settles.

  • Avoid eating around the root canal and use a soft-bristle brush temporarily to brush around the tooth gently.
  • Do not eat solids, chewy or crunchy foods immediately after treatment, as this is more likely to cause more damage in its sensitive state. You should seek regular check-ups with the dentist to ensure your root canal is functioning correctly and avoid further complications.
  • Do not ignore tooth pain. You could be causing yourself further damage to your teeth without your knowledge. Garran are motivated to make sure this doesn’t happen. Our experienced dentists are on hand to restore naturality in your life again.

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