test of saliva in the mouth

Tips To Maintain Saliva In The Mouth

A lack of saliva in the mouth can cause a condition known as dry mouth. It is an uncomfortable condition that can difficulty in digesting food after you’ve eaten. One of the misconceptions is that dry mouth only impacts the elderly generation. Although, this is far from the truth. A lack of oral care will

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an image of tooth loss

What Are The Popular Tooth Loss Causes?

Losing a tooth is the worst thing to happy to your oral health. It can also damage your smiling confidence and overall wellbeing. Tooth loss is unfortunately quite common, and it attributes to not either a poor oral routine or a dental accident that has caused trauma and damage to the underlying gum tissue. These

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a man eating a snack

How Midnight Snacking Causes Damage To Teeth

Are you guilty of opening the cupboard before bedtime to eat a snack? Whilst eating a snack at midnight shouldn’t be forbidden, it is important to understand whether midnight snacking causes damage to teeth. There are multiple reasons why people care about a late-night snack. Maybe it is a tradition or just a habit you

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a patient smiling with strong oral health

Secret Tips For Strong And Healthy Teeth

You’ll have heard the fundamental steps of a strong oral routine; brush and floss your teeth, keep your mouth clean, avoid eating sugars and perform tongue scraping. Whilst they are vital tips for strong and healthy teeth, there are other secret elements that can improve your oral health greatly. It is important that your mouth

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a person smoking a cigarette

Regular Smoking Damages Teeth

Kick the smoking habit! It is bad for your oral health and smoking damages teeth. Eventually, your teeth will show signs of discolouration and wear and tear. Of course, it is understandably difficult to quit straightway, but there are alternatives to help you kick the habit. If you’re conscious about how your teeth look, yet

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dry socket sensitivity

Tips To Prevent Dry Socket

When a tooth is extracted, you’ll first experience some swelling around the affected area, and a blood clot will begin to form over the affected area to heal the underlying bone and nerve. The blood clot needs to form adequately in order for your mouth to have healed. The blood clot can become dislodged, which

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pain from wisdom teeth swelling

Remedies To Reduce Wisdom Teeth Swelling

Wisdom teeth swelling is common after extraction treatment. The amount of swelling is individual to everyone, whether it’s swelling due to a dental implant or wisdom tooth extraction. It can range from mild to severe, however, there are remedies that you can start taking at home if the swelling does become excessive. When reducing wisdom

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Dental Implant

Aftercare For Your Dental Implant

Dental implants act as a popular replacement for missing teeth, and one of the reasons for this is because of how ‘natural’ they look. This means that when they’re placed inside of the mouth, they look like a standard, normal tooth. Prosthetic treatments are something that can damage smiling confidence if they don’t look good

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whiten your dental implant

Can You Whiten Your Dental Implant?

As part of dental implant treatment, the dentist moulds a crown that matches the shade of your natural teeth when the implant is fixated to the jawbone.  As time goes on, the implant, just like natural teeth, can degrade in shade and colour if your aftercare routine isn’t strong enough. This raises the question of

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