Dentistry is an art in its own way.
I love the fact that every tooth and mouth/person is unique and different and this keeps it challenging and interesting

– Dr Shweta Goyal

Dr Shweta Goyal

Dr Shweta Goyal is the principal dentist of Garran Dental, a practice she established in August 2015. Shweta and her young family moved to Garran in 2014, and have fallen in love with the local community and area and all it has to offer.

A family-focused person, Shweta enjoys taking care of the dental health of people of all ages. She understands that many people are nervous about dentistry, and so takes a gentle and caring approach during appointments.

Shweta enjoys all aspects of general dental practice. She loves helping her youngest patients get a good start in their dental journey, and has a particular interest in cosmetic dentistry.

I love the fact that I get to meet people, to get to know them and interact with them, here in the practice and out in the community.

As much as I loved my experiences in public dentistry and as an Associate in a private clinic, I realised that if I was to practice dentistry the way I wanted, owning my own practice with full autonomy was the way to go.

I enjoy working with all age group–be it kids (who need a lot of patience and time) or the elderly, and everyone in-between.

– Dr Shweta Goyal

Dr Goyal’s Philosophies:

About Dentistry:

Dental disease is preventable. I would like to make all my patients more aware of what causes it and how to prevent it. I also believe that my care does not end once the patient leaves the practice after an appointment. And it continues over time, for as long as they are patients of the practice.


About Life:

We should always be happy. No matter how hard life and the times get, there is always so much more to be appreciative of and grateful for.

Be good to everyone and goodness comes back to you

At work I like to constantly improve my dentistry, acquire new skills and knowledge and apply it to get much more predictable results, and to make sure my patients get the high standard of care that they deserve.


About Her Own Daily Dental Routine:

Right now, my toothbrush is purple. I use it at least twice a day. The bristles are soft (as this makes them more flexible and enables them to clean better).

The brand of floss I enjoy using at the moment is Colgate. I floss my teeth every day.

About Dr Shweta Goyal

Shweta was born and brought up in India. She graduated from the College of Dental Surgery Manipal Academy of Higher Education in Mangalore, India in 2003. Following graduation, she worked as a tutor at a dental college for two years before moving to Australia in 2006.

While living in Adelaide, Shweta decided to undertake a Masters of Business (Accountancy) from the University of South Australia. Shortly after finishing, she decided to return to Dentistry, which involved moving to Melbourne where she obtained her Graduate Certificate in Clinical Dentistry from the Royal Dental Hospital (University of Melbourne). She completed the Australian Dental Council examinations in 2011.

Shweta worked in the Hobart public dental sector for two years, and then moved to Canberra in 2014 to work as an Associate Dentist at a private practice in Queanbeyan. She and her young family love living in the suburb of Garran, and decided to open Garran Dental in August 2015.

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