Children Dentistry At Woden

Beautiful smiles begin at childhood. Trust Garran Dental to keep your child’s smile shining through! A dental care that your child can trust. Begin your child’s journey with us now!

Learn about the importance of healthy teeth

Fun and relaxed appointments with friendly dentists

Adopt good dental and oral habits

Continue to smile through to adulthood

The first feelings of your child being told that they need to visit the dentist are trepidation and fear. It is not unusual, it’s absolutely natural. Once that tooth seeps through from within the gums, it’s time to call the dentist. Garran Dental are motivated in making sure that your child’s sparkly smile continues through to adulthood as soon as their teeth start growing. We want to keep your child’s teeth in tip-top shape and make sure that their experience with us is comfortable, relaxing, fun and happy.

Is your child’s first tooth visible? We would love to know about it!

The Garran Approach to Children Dentistry

The first thing we make sure is that your child is happy and smiling before the appointment. We understand the difficulties in changing your child’s anxiety feelings. We aim to develop a fun and happy friendship with your child at every appointment. We make them feel like they’re a champion in the chair.

Our friendly Garran dentists are experienced in making sure your child sits on the chair with a smile. As the appointment begins, it is our responsibility to make sure that your child is aware of why looking after their teeth is so important and why visiting the dentist regularly is equally important.

At Garran Dental, we will perform a check-up of their mouth structure and their first milk tooth to make sure their mouth and teeth are healthy and ensure the healthy growth of new milk teeth. If necessary, a check-up and clean will be completed. The dentist will ask you, the parent, about your child’s daily habits and routine. If necessary, we will recommend you make subtle changes to your children’s oral routine to keep infections, cavity and bacteria at bay and to keep your child’s smile shining through. We also have a team of experienced dentists in Woden to serve the area.

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Children dental checkup and clean

The Garran Benefits to Your Child

The benefits guaranteed to your child upon regular visits to the dentist include:

  • Crystal clear speech impediment
  • Reducing the danger of early cavity and fillings
  • White and healthy smiles
  • Promotion and adoption of good oral health
  • Regular fun and happy visits to the dreaded dental chair

If you teach and educate your child about the benefits of good teeth at a young age, they will grow up adopting a positive oral hygiene.

We are motivated to protect your child’s precious and infectious smile.