Tooth Extraction in Woden

Are you looking for intense pain relief from tooth pain? You could require tooth extraction treatment. Are you stuck on what to do next? Garran Dental is ready to help. Contact us now for instant tooth extraction treatment!

Immediate pain-relief

End of tooth trauma, decay and infection

Strengthen your surrounding teeth

Decrease the risk of Oral Disease

Intense oral discomfort is a frustrating and difficult experience. It leads to a sense of panic, trauma and fear because you’re unsure on what to do next. If you’re suffering from oral pain, it’s more likely that you have a severe infection, abscess or periodontal disease. The next step that you must take is to contact Garran Dental immediately. Our helpful dentists are motivated to remove your discomfort and replace it with a long-term solution.  It is likely your tooth is severely decayed. We also have a team of experienced dentists in Woden to serve the area.

As soon as you arrive for your emergency appointment, our experienced and helpful oral surgeon will determine the severity of the issue by performing a medical examination on the affected area. This is important to determine whether the tooth needs to be taken out or can be saved.

Tooth extraction would only be a last resort if it’s determined that your tooth is too damaged to save.

Garran Dental are ready for you.

Contact us now and let us help you smile pain-free again!

The Garran Dental Tooth Extraction Procedure

The results have determined that your tooth is damaged, so damaged that it could lead to harm to your surrounding teeth, then the tooth will unfortunately need to be extracted. This sounds frightening, but you’re in capable hands. Garran Dental will take all the necessary measures to ensure the procedure is as painless as possible.No one likes to lose a tooth, but we at Garran Dental ensure that the risks are kept to a minimum. Before treatment, local anaesthetic will be applied to numb the affected area, so you don’t feel a thing during the procedure. All you need to do is sit back, relax and let Garran Dental deliver the high-quality service that we’re known for.

Now for the important bit, the removal of the tooth. The procedure of removal is simple and straightforward. With a set of forceps, the tooth is first grasped, and the tooth is then rocked slowly from side-to-side until it starts to loosen out of its socket. The surgeon will continue to perform this until the tooth is in a position to be softly pulled away. You may experience some initial bleeding, where a gauze pad will be given to stem the blood flow.  The gum will be tacked with stitches and removed at your next appointment.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare Tips

Once the anaesthetic wears off, it is more likely you’ll experience some pain within the affected area. If it becomes too severe to handle, follow these tips to reduce the pain quickly.

  • Take painkillers prescribed from your dentist. Do not take painkillers which are not prescribed or advised.
  • Take adequate rest and avoid any physical activity such as chores or exercise
  • Continue to brush and floss twice a day but brush softly in the affected area

What are the results of these benefits? A highly-confident sparkly smile!

Where pain continues to be too severe, Garran Dental have various solutions available to relieve you from your pain.