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Garran Dental can help you with regular check up and cleans to ensure your teeth are consistently cleaned professionally which will avoid more serious dental issues from arising.

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Dental Check Up and Clean

The quality of your oral hygiene life changes here at Garran Dental.

A healthy, shiny smile goes a long way in transforming the way you live your life and how people perceive you. What’s more, a shiny smile provides many significant well-being benefits. However, this transformation doesn’t come without changes to your lifestyle. It is essential that you adopt positive oral hygiene habits to prevent issues.

At Garran Dental, we’re more motivated to make sure you feel happy and healthy. Our experienced dental team will recommend the right treatment based on your individual needs. We also have a team of experienced dentists in Woden to serve the area.

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The Garran Approach to Happy and Healthy Smiles

Regular visits to the hygienist involve making sure that your teeth are as far away from danger as possible. Having a positive oral hygiene will ultimately do just that along with making sure you continue to sparkle with strong and shiny teeth.

Our approach to you is to make sure that every appointment is as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Typically, a procedure at Garran Dental firstly involves performing an initial medical examination of your teeth, jaw and bone to assess exactly what you need to transform your smile. No matter what state your teeth are in, an examination helps the hygienist determine the treatment necessary to ensure your teeth and gums remain strong. After the evaluation, this information will be relayed to you by the hygienist to make you aware of the state of your teeth and determine whether further treatments are necessary.

The hygienist then begins removing any stubborn debris, stains and plaque with our advanced equipment that gets in the way of your smile. The procedure will be over in a matter of minutes and is absolutely pain-free. Once your teeth have been cleaned, liquid will be given to rinse your mouth thoroughly to complete the procedure.

Regular visits to the hygienist are advised every six months so that the hygienist can assess the state of your teeth, make sure there are no immediate dangers to your teeth and to ensure that you wear the best smile possible.

The Garran Hygiene Tips

Here are some immediate tips that you can adopt in your oral hygiene to maintaining strong and shiny teeth:

  • Regular Flossing and Brushing twice a day and after a heavy meal to remove stubborn residue
  • Avoid or limit sugary treats
  • Consume fewer dark solids and liquids such as soft drinks, tea and coffee.
  • Incorporate vegetables, potatoes and nuts for the vitamins necessary to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

It is never too late to transform your oral health and smile.

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