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If you’re looking for an experienced dentist in Evatt who can give you high-quality dental treatments for a cost-effective price, visit Garran Dental. We are the number one provider of general and cosmetic dental services in many suburbs and towns across the ACT, helping thousands of patients achieve excellent oral health.

Quality dental care doesn’t need to be expensive, and you don’t have to wait until something goes wrong with your teeth for a preventive dental procedure. Our Evatt dental care professionals can perform a check-up and cleaning without charging as much as big-ticket dental care providers.

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Our caring Evatt dental personnel will provide a memorable experience to patients with long-lasting results through excellence in dental care.

Our General Dentistry Services in Evatt

Even if you take excellent care of your mouth and you’re confident that there’s nothing wrong with your teeth, you still need to visit your dentist twice a year. You can’t detect the following issues without professional equipment:

  • Build-up of infectious bacteria in your gum line
  • Cavities between your teeth
  • Debris in the corners of your mouth that can cause bad breath

Our general dentistry services in Evatt help hundreds of people maintain healthy smiles. We keep conditions like gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth decay at bay.

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Evatt

If your smile doesn’t look how you’d like it to, we can help you change that with cosmetic dentistry. Treatments such as dentures, laser whitening, and gum grafts can enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

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Why Choose Our Team of Dentists in Evatt?

When looking for a dentist in Evatt, you should evaluate several factors:

  • Credentials
  • Professional experience
  • Patient reviews
  • Insurance coverage

Our clinicians are highly trained and have decades of combined experience. We provide our patients with a caring and peaceful environment, helping them get rid of any anxiety about dental procedures.

Parents love bringing their kids to us for check-ups and preventive care. We teach kids to take care of their teeth proactively while they’re young.

Our Evatt Dentists Prepare Your Teeth, So You Can Flaunt Your Smile

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Find Our Evatt Dental Clinic

Garran Dental is a half-hour drive from Evatt. To get to our practice, head south on Ginninderra Drive and turn right on Haydon Drive. Turn left onto Belconnen Way, then turn right onto the Caswell Drive ramp to Woden/Tuggeranong.

Continue onto Caswell Drive, then continue onto the Glenloch Interchange. Exit onto Lady Denman Drive. Turn left onto McCulloch Street and exit onto Carruthers Street at the Turn right onto Kent St. and continue until you reach a roundabout.

From there, turn right onto Kent Street, then take the first exit onto Kitchener Street at the roundabout. At the next roundabout, take the first exit onto Gilmore Crescent. Turn right into Robson Street, then left onto Garran Place. Our practice will be on the right.