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Looking for a dentist in Weetangera that can offer you high-quality dental services, a broad range of treatment options, and painless procedures isn’t easy. You can find hundreds of small practices competing for your time and attention. At Garran Dental, our experienced clinicians and dentists take pride in treating every customer like family.

We’re the leading dentists in Weetangera for people who want cost-efficient and gentle dental care. We work with numerous insurance providers to make our treatments accessible to as many patients as possible. We specialize in aesthetic and structural improvements to your teeth, giving you a healthy smile that’s sure to restore your self-confidence.

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Our caring dental personnel in Weetangera will provide a memorable experience to patients with long-lasting results through excellence in dental care.

Dental Services We Offer

We work with many patients who don’t feel confident showing their smiles due to cavities and tooth decay. We love helping them restore their smiles and practice preventive maintenance to avoid costly dental procedures in the future.

Our General Dentistry Services in Weetangera

According to a report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, citizens of Weetangera and the Australian Capital Territory enjoy a lower cost of dental care compared to other areas like New South Wales and Victoria. However, in 2018, only 56% of Australians received care from a licensed dental professional.

Visiting our offices for a general check-up will:

  • Let you detect signs of tooth decay and cavities early and avoid costly tooth extractions
  • Allow you to fend off conditions like gingivitis and periodontitis
  • Keep your fillings, dentures, and implants in perfect shape

Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services in Weetangera

A bright smile is a good indicator of excellent dental health. We serve many patients whose teeth are functional but may not look their best.

We are the number one dentist in Weetangera for cosmetic procedures that can help you stand out from the crowd with a more radiant smile. We can treat the following conditions and prevent them from leaving a permanent mark on our patients’ smiles:

  •  Tooth enamel erosion
  • Crooked and impacted teeth
  • Discoloration from smoking, coffee, or wine
  • Unnoticed tooth decay and plaque

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Why Choose Our Team of Dentists in Weetangera?

At Garran Dental, we provide our patients with a relaxing atmosphere to quell any anxiety about visiting the dentist. We’re popular among parents, and we help many children from Weetangera get comfortable with receiving dental care at an early stage in their lives. If you want affordable and gentle dental care, we’re the ones to call.

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Find Our Weetangera Dental Clinic

Garran Dental is 20 minutes away from Weetangera. To reach our office, head south on Coulter Drive and turn left onto William Hovell Drive. Continue onto Glenloch Interchange and take the exit for Lady Denman Drive/Tourist Drive 2.

Turn left onto Lady Denman Drive, then turn right to stay on Lady Denman Drive. Turn left onto McCulloch Street and exit onto Carruthers Street at the roundabout.

Turn right onto Kent Street. At the roundabout, take the first exit onto Kitchener Street. Exit onto Gilmore Crescent at the roundabout, then turn right onto Robson Street and left onto Garran Place.