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What Causes Crooked Teeth?

Everyone dreams of a straight, shiny smile. Sometimes, there are certain factors that mean it isn’t always possible. Some of these factors can be out of your control, but there are certain causes of crooked teeth that can be avoided.

There’s a misconception that no one should be happy with their teeth if one or two of them are crooked. Each smile is unique to the individual and this misconception makes no difference as long as you’re happy and confident with your smile.

For some people, the way their teeth look plays a big part in how they present themselves and their smiling confidence. Below outlines the four key causes of crooked teeth.

Hereditary and Biological Factors

Genetics is a fundamental factor for crooked teeth. The chances are you’ll have crooked teeth if they’ve been passed on from your family, usually your parents. There are many genetic factors that determine the alignment of your teeth; the number of your teeth, the size of your teeth and jaw, and the biting point when you bite down on food. Unfortunately, hereditary factors mean these factors are out of your control as your teeth develop.

Consuming sugar bad for teeth

Poor Nutrition

Believe it or not, the food you eat plays a big part in how your teeth look. Eating sugar, for example, can lead to tooth decay. The tooth decay process eventually leads to one or more teeth falling out. This leaves a gap in your mouth, and your neighbouring teeth may shift out of position to fill the gap. There is no guarantee the teeth will move straight either. Therefore, avoid sugar at all costs and consume foods that strengthen teeth and your enamel for a long-term smile. You can read this article for more details about poor nutrition and its impact on your teeth.


The natural alignment of your mouth involves your upper teeth fitting slightly in front of your lower teeth. Malocclusion is when this doesn’t happen. If your teeth are misaligned, this can lead to overbite, where your upper teeth hang too far forward from your lower teeth and underbite, where your lower teeth are positioned in front of your upper teeth. This disturbs your biting point and leads to jaw pain and excessive wear-and-tear on your teeth. Read more in detail about problems caused by Malocclusion.

Unconscious Habits

Sometimes, you don’t notice the habits that you perform until somebody points them out to you. Just ask toddlers who regularly perform the habit of thumb-sucking. Although a habit for all children, thumb-sucking can impact tooth development. It may seem harmless but can lead to teeth growing in an awkward position. Other unconscious habits more common in adults include opening of packaging, chewing on ice and biting on hard surfaces, which are easy to adopt but hard to stop. Although, keeping teeth aligned in a straight position for a straight smile requires you to break these habits.

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Yes, a perfectly straight white smile is possible, and yes, it is possible without cosmetic treatments! Having crooked teeth isn’t uncommon, but sometimes it can make you feel self-conscious. This is a good reason to get them straightened. Although, avoiding the traps of bad habits, nutrition, and poor dental care will go a long way in developing straight and shiny teeth. If you’re looking at cosmetic dentistry treatments to straighten your teeth, Garran Dental has the cosmetic treatments you need.

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