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How Poor Nutrition Impacts Your Teeth

The food and drink you consume play a big part in how your teeth look and feel. Giving up your favourite food is never easy, and whilst it’s not something you want to hear, your favourite food could be damaging your teeth.

There are many cosmetic treatments available to restore your aesthetic appearance, but it’s a waste of money if you’re not looking after your teeth away from the dentist. Poor nutrition falls into this category.

Poor nutrition stems from the following properties:

  • Excess levels of sugar
  • High levels of citrus
  • Deficiency of Vitamin C and D
  • Deficiency of calcium and fibre

Deficiencies of the correct vitamins and minerals can negatively impact the structures of your teeth and bones. Also, consuming high levels of sugar and citrus attacks tooth enamel. This makes your teeth vulnerable to tooth decay.

Consuming the right food properties in your diet is crucial in keeping your oral health strong. This doesn’t mean eating more calories, but making sure your diet is balanced containing the right properties for a healthy and happy smile.

Below breaks down the signs of tooth decay and other signs that your oral health is in poor condition due to poor nutrition:

Patient undergoing dental filling for cavity


A cavity is when a hole forms in the centre of the tooth. The triggers of a cavity are plaque; which stems from food debris remaining inside the mouth, bacteria; which a sticky substance formed from plaque and an acid attack; where the outer surface of the enamel dissolves and weakens when acid is produced from the bacteria. Cavities can get worse and if untreated can lead to a tooth abscess. Treatment will be necessary so the hole can be filled.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease involves inflammation of the gum tissue, causing pockets of space between the teeth and gums. When gums become inflamed, you’ll experience bleeding and tender gums. Other symptoms of periodontal disease include swelling and bad breath. Again, it stems from plaque build-up on teeth which happens if you do not brush and floss your teeth properly. Bad habits such as smoking, high carbohydrate intake and excess levels of sugar are causes of periodontal disease.

Adverse Health Conditions

When harmful bacteria enter the bloodstream, you’re at greater risk of developing chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, coronary artery disease, stroke and diabetes. Although if periodontal disease is caught early, these can be avoided, and the dentist is likely to catch it early. Although, these warning signs should act as a deterrent to ensure the right nutrition is incorporated in your diet.

Degrading Tooth Structure

Poor nutrition can impact your jaw and bone structure. Your jawbone is an anchor to your teeth and keeps them in position. The jaw relies on strong bone density, and calcium and protein are two key properties that lead to stronger bone health and growth. With a weak jaw structure, you’re likely to experience ageing very quickly and teeth to shift in its position. This is a sign of crooked teeth.

Dry socket sensitivity

Think of your teeth like a human body. The human body needs the right nutrition in order to stay healthy, and this is the same for your teeth. Without your teeth, you cannot speak, eat or consume your favourite food. Therefore, visiting the dentist for cosmetic treatment or a scale-and-polish isn’t enough. As part of strong oral hygiene, the dentist will always recommend consuming food and drink that contains the right properties so that your facial structure remains strong to show off your smile.

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