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Teeth Whitening Side Effects – Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

If you’re seeking an instant transformation to your smile, then teeth whitening is one of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic treatments, where the results can appear within a matter of hours. There is a wide range of teeth whitening treatments available, such as over-the-counter strips and whitening trays. The side effects of these are well known. However, what about any side effects of in-office teeth whitening treatment?

When performed at the dentist, teeth whitening is a safe procedure that delivers the results there and then. What is equally important to know is that in-office teeth whitening treatment isn’t the only available choice. There are other teeth whitening choices that you can choose from to suit your specific needs. Although the safest choice is in-office teeth whitening yet, with many patients, there is always the concern of teeth whitening side effects. 

There is nothing of note to be majorly concerned about. However, it is right to be aware of what some of the mild side effects of teeth whitening can be.

Teeth Whitening Side Effects

Although teeth whitening is a safe procedure, there are some mild side effects to be aware of. Keep on reading to remain prepared for these side effects.

Mild Sensitivity

The bleaching has a high concentration, which means that you may begin to experience some mild tooth sensitivity. It is not a permanent side effect, and you may not feel the sensitivity immediately after treatment. It may take a few days after treatment and can last several days. 

Gum Irritation

You may also experience some sensitivity and irritation in the gums as well. The oxidising effect of the bleaching agent can touch your gums during the treatment. Although, the dentist is likely to apply a dam around your mouth that opens your mouth wide so the dentist has full access to the roots of your teeth and will attempt to ensure the gums are not touched.

Tingling Sensations

If you feel a mini sensation such as a mini electric shock to your teeth, that is likely to be because of the high concentration of the bleaching agent. If this happens regularly over the course of a few days, consult the dentist. 

Why Would I Get These Side Effects?

The hydrogen peroxide element formed as part of the bleaching agent is quite aggressive and hence, can cause the teeth and gums to feel a little sensitive as the agent settles.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Whilst these side effects are common amongst patients, they certainly aren’t impactful to the point that it damages your teeth. Teeth whitening treatment is very safe, and these teeth whitening side effects are only expected to last for a short period. The results are, however, permanent to your smile, providing you follow a strong oral routine at home. Moreover you may need to take extra measures for some treatments. For example in case of using teeth whitening mouth guard, you need to clean the teeth whitening Mouth Guard.

If you continue to experience these teeth whitening side effects even after a few days post-treatment, you can contact our Woden Dentists to learn more.