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Root Canal Treatment For Children

If the dentist has recommended your child for root canal treatment then as a parent, it is natural for you to ask, why? A myth about a root canal is that the treatment can only be performed for adults. Does this mean that children that experience decay shouldn’t go through root canal treatment? The answer is no because they should. Read this article guiding you the signs that your child need root canal.

The purpose of root canal treatment is to treat teeth that are badly decayed or infected. This also occurs for kids’ teeth. We’re here to reassure you that root canal treatment is safe for children.

Although a root canal is more common in adults, they can be performed in children as well. Saving milk teeth are just as important as saving adult teeth because tooth loss in children can result in:

  • A negative impact on tooth development
  • Interfere with chewing and speech development
  • Poor alignment of newly developed teeth

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How To Prepare Your Child For Root Canal

Root canal treatment is safe and causes little discomfort. This is contrary to the myths and misconceptions you’ve heard. However, this can be daunting for the child and it is important that they are prepared so their anxiety levels remain low. Follow these steps.

Tell Your Child Early

When a child is told something new, they are bound to feel anxious because, at a young age, it is difficult for them to adjust to something new very quickly. Therefore, explain that they have a root canal appointment booked at least two weeks before treatment. Explain to them in a soft tone and in a happy manner. Keep it positive so they see that dental treatment is a good thing.

Performed Under Local Anaesthesia

Root canal treatment often requires putting your child under local anaesthesia to numb the affected tooth and the surrounding area. This is to keep the procedure comfortable and painless for the child. By doing this, the dentist will perform the procedure in a less amount of time.

Stay Calm

If as the parent you’re anxious about root canal treatment for your child, your child will equally be anxious. It is important that you stay calm as well. Place your trust in the hands of the dentist. They are well-equipped in making sure the procedure is completed in a calm and safe manner with as little discomfort as possible.


Is Root Canal Treatment Viable For Milk Teeth?

It is not unusual for root canal treatment to be performed for milk teeth. A milk tooth can also be infected and sometimes, it is important to perform root canal treatment to avoid any complications with tooth development as they grow up. Infections can become painful, particularly for children where it must not be left unaddressed.

Whether it’s adult teeth, kids’ teeth or milk teeth, decay will impact oral health. Kids and milk teeth are particularly vulnerable as it is important to ensure permanent adult teeth grow in their correct position and through healthy gums. Read this post to learn the tips to avoid tooth decay in milk and kids’ teeth.

If your child is suffering from tooth decay, root canal treatment should be performed. At Garran Dental, we promise a safe and painless treatment to restore your child’s oral health. Contact us here and book an appointment today!