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Signs Your Child Needs A Root Canal

Root canal has progressed with several myths and misconceptions whilst dentistry has advanced. One of the myths is that a root canal isn’t safe for children. For adults and children alike, a root canal is safe and beneficial for oral health.

An untimely concern of a kids’ tooth can interfere with tooth, speech and chewing development. It is more likely that your child has eaten too many sweets or doesn’t adopt the basic oral hygiene steps required to keep teeth strong and healthy.

When teeth become decayed, root canal treatment is always recommended over other extensive treatments such as tooth extraction. Is it the same for kids, you ask? Check our detailed post about root canal VS tooth extraction for a better understanding.

When kids suffer from tooth decay symptoms, it is a sign that they also require root canal treatment.

As a parent, here are the other signs to look out for to determine if root canal treatment is required.


Does Your Child Have A Toothache?

One of the more common concerns in kids’ dentistry is a toothache. The pain may be mild or intense, but that is irrelevant. All kinds of toothache pain are likely because a tooth has become decayed.

Is There Redness Or Swelling Around The Affected Tooth?

Redness or swelling is a sign of a swollen gum. This can occur through poor dental hygiene and indicates signs of periodontal disease. This doesn’t go away on its own, and if not treated, it can lead to a dental abscess. This can also damage the surrounding teeth and bones.

Is Your Child’s Tooth Visually Darker Than Normal?

Tooth discolouration is generally common when consuming dark foods and drinks. A permanent tooth that turns dark likely means the nerve of the tooth has been damaged. The kids’ tooth may also become dark when your child suffers a dental accident, knocking the tooth from its socket. Decay can form from this and will require root canal treatment.

Is Your Kids Tooth Sensitive To Hot and Cold Temperatures?

If your child complains that they’re experiencing sensitivity after eating hold and cold foods, this could be a sign of enamel erosion, cavity or nerve damage in the pulp. This means that the tooth becomes highly sensitive to extreme temperatures.

Is Your Kids Tooth Unexpectedly Loose?

A tooth may become loose unexpectedly. This can occur at any time, maybe from a physical accident or biting on something hard. Sometimes, these are quite normal, and there is no cause for concern. Ensure the tooth remains intact with the socket, and do not attempt to force it out if it is painful.

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To Summarize…

You may be wondering whether there has ever been a root canal procedure performed for kids’ teeth. However, this is quite common. A root canal involves saving the tooth from bacterial infection or severe decay. This isn’t just restricted to adults but to children as well.  Saving a kid’s tooth is just as important as saving an adult one. Therefore, root canal treatment may be required to limit the impact of negative tooth development and make way for a happy and healthy mouth.

Unsure about how to prepare your child for root canal treatment? Read this article on how to prepare your child for Root Canal treatment. You can always contact our helpful and experienced dentists at Garran Dental, who are more than happy to restore your child’s health with their smile. Contact us now to book an appointment with us.