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Investing in Your Smile: The Cost of Dental Braces

Many people out there have uneven, crooked, or broken teeth and would love to have an attractive smile. Now it is possible to align and straighten the teeth with braces. Several dentists in Australia are experts in correcting irregularities leading to oral problems. Those with less damaged teeth can go for a removable retainer, but dental braces are the best solution if the teeth are more damaged.

The main question is how much dental braces cost because if you research ahead and go for a budget-friendly style, you can save a lot. Here’s what you must know about dental braces.

Types of Dental Braces

  • Metal Braces

These are the conventional braces consisting of a bracket and a wired system. They are standard and can easily be used at any stage of life, whether at a young age or retirement age. These are the most affordable braces available in the market.

  • Lingual Braces

These braces can be an excellent choice for those looking for invisible braces. As they are on the teeth’ lingual surface, they are known as lingual braces. The best thing about these braces is that they are customized for optimal comfort and are bonded on the back of the teeth.

  • Ceramic Braces

The ceramic braces are identical to the traditional braces, but their materials are usually tooth-coloured. Because of their material, you will find ceramic braces a little more expensive than metal braces.

  • Plastic Aligners

Plastic aligners have become very popular over the past few years, and they use translucent trays for moving teeth. There are different options for plastic aligners in the market, and when we talk about the cost of dental braces, they are much more affordable than they used to be a few years back.

How Much Do Dental Braces Cost in Australia?

Most people wear metal braces when needing dental alignment, but many think they affect their appearance. Those who don’t like metal braces find lingual braces or Invisalign more appealing. Although these are less conspicuous and modern alternatives to metal braces, they cost more.

The average cost of invisible dental braces is starts at $6,000. On the other hand, the lingual braces are costlier and are found around $7,500. When buying one, you must understand what to expect regarding the dental braces cost. If you would like an exact quote, the best way is to consult the orthodontist, who will examine you and make a personalized treatment for teeth straightening.

Which Factors Affect the Cost of Dental Braces?

Dental braces are not only helpful in improving your smile, but they are also a treatment. Some other things to consider before you nail down the dental braces cost for yourself.

  • Type of Required Braces

Certain types of dental braces can cost more than others. The good thing about the pricing is that even the braces from popular brands have decreased over the past years.

  • Location

The dentist’s location plays a vital role in the cost of the dental braces you are willing to buy. If rents are higher in that particular location, the dental braces cost will increase.

  • Length of Treatment

The pricing of most braces boils down to how long you will need the treatment. The time spent on the trays and appliances can impact the price of the orthodontic therapy.

Affordable Dental Braces in Woden Valley, ACT, Australia

There is no doubt that medical innovation has made having teeth braces a very comfortable process. Garran Dental has the best solution if you live in Woden Valley, ACT and like to improve your smile through teeth alignment through cheap braces. Our top priority is affordability, along with top quality. Many of our clients have gained confidence after their teeth alignment.

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