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Hello to Healthy Teeth: All You Need to Know About the Cost of Dental Cleaning

Most people ignore their oral or dental care compared to their overall health, though both are linked to each other. If your oral health is poor, the spillover may adversely affect your overall health. Most people have misconceptions about oral health, as they consider regular brushing and flossing to be optimal.

Often neglected, professional teeth cleaning is a crucial component of our overall health. Below, we will discuss the importance, the steps, and the cost of dental cleaning.

Why is Dental Cleaning Important?

There is no doubt that dental cleaning has become as important as scheduling a visit to the primary care physician. When we talk about routine cleanings, they are a crucial part of our preventive oral healthcare, as they target tartar and stubborn plaque that we cannot remove through brushing at home. This way, we can take proper care of our teeth without worrying.

Dental cleaning not only removes tartar and plaque buildup and stains, but it also allows the dental hygienist to look for many other signs of oral disease. These include gum disease, gingivitis, and oral cancer that may be undetected when you don’t go for routine dental cleanings. Missing dental cleaning can lead to bad breath, cavities and tooth decay, and even pregnancy complications.

What is Included in Routine Dental Cleaning?

When you go for a regular dental visit includes your oral exam, a review of your oral habits, and dental cleaning by a professional. Your dental visit will also include x-rays of the jawbone and the teeth, which may be included in the cost of your dental cleaning. The following are the significant steps of the dental cleaning process.

  • First, your dentist will complete the scaling process to remove calculus, debris, and plaque buildup between the teeth and the gum line. Scalers vibrate at low frequencies, and air pressure is used to break plaque.
  • After plaque removal, the next step is polishing the teeth. The dentist applies a special polishing paste on each tooth, whereas a tool buffs the teeth while they are being polished.
  • Quick dental floss and rinsing is the last step in the dental cleaning process. In this step, the dental hygienist eliminates any remaining debris that is still present. The process takes around 30-45 minutes and is entirely pain-free.

Average Cost of Dental Cleaning in Australia

Maintaining professional dental cleaning is essential for preventing tooth decay and gum disease. When you consider whether dental cleaning is worth the cost, you need to look at the potential cost of dental cleaning. On average, professional teeth cleaning in Australia is around $100. However, the price can be around $350 as well, depending on the dentist and your general dental issues.

There are a few aspects that you need to consider when gauging what you need to pay:

  • When you have insurance coverage, your plan will cover the cost of dental cleaning. 
  • You might be recommended an extensive deep cleaning if you last visited the dentist some time ago. It is worth mentioning that deep cleaning can be expensive as it depends on the time and work that is required.
  • The price of your professional cleaning depends a lot on the community’s local rates and the experience of your dentist.

Dental Cleaning Appointment in Woden Valley, ACT, Australia

The cost of dental cleaning varies, depending on the cleaning you require and where you live. Garran Dental is among the most popular dental clinics that offer teeth cleaning and other services. We have a professional staff that will ensure you have an efficient, personable, and pleasant experience. If you are a new patient, check out our teeth cleaning discounts.

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