Teeth whitening in garran

Does Teeth Whitening Work For Everyone?

Are you planning to get teeth whitening treatment for a brighter smile?

Unfortunately Teeth Whitening doesn’t always achieve the outcome that an individual is looking for. Specially if you are opting for a over-the-counter teeth whitening products.

You need a reliable teeth whitening solution.

This is one of the reasons why we arrange a Pre-Whitening Consultation appointment. It gives Dr. Goyal an opportunity to carefully examine the teeth, gums and smile and to discuss the wishes of each individual. She is then able to determine whether teeth whitening is likely to be successful.

In cases where success is uncertain, Dr. Goyal will offer other options for achieving the cosmetic outcome that the person desires.

So what might prevent Teeth Whitening from being a successful treatment?

The Type Of Staining

In another article we’ve described the three different types of staining that can cause teeth to look darker: these are ageing, external staining and internal staining. Not all of these types of staining can be reversed with current whitening technology.

You can learn more more about what causes teeth to darken.

Something Else Is Causing The Darkening Of The Teeth

Teeth can appear darker for reasons other than those listed above. Decay within a tooth or fillings and crowns can show through the translucent tooth structure, making the tooth in that area look darker than its neighbours.

This type of discolouration can usually be successfully treated by the removal of the decay or replacement of the fillings or crowns.

Another cause of yellowing teeth is acid erosion of the enamel. People with reflux, bulimia, and those who consume a highly-acidic diet may notice their teeth becoming more yellow because the acid in their mouth is dissolving the enamel away.

Whitening is definitely not recommended in this instance. It would be critical in such cases to first control the ongoing acidity in the mouth, and then to provide an alternative method of changing the colour of the teeth.

Non-Compliance With Treatment

The success of Home Whitening is very dependent on the individual’s commitment to using the whitening moulds on a regular basis and in the correct manner, as prescribed by Dr. Goyal. If these instructions aren’t followed, whitening is not likely to be successful.

Lifestyle Factors During And After Whitening

Teeth will pick up external stains from the oral environment, some more easily than others. So if you consume tea, coffee, red wine, berries and other dark-coloured foods and beverages or use nicotine products like cigarettes frequently, you may find that the effects of your whitening will quickly diminish.

We’re Here To Make Your Treatment Successful

Everyone’s situation is unique, and not everyone’s teeth will respond predictably to every treatment. If there are any limitations to your desired outcome being achieved, we will always let you know. No matter what your situation, if you want to achieve a brighter smile we will do our very best to make it possible for you.

If you have any questions, Contact our experienced dentists in Woden for guidance.