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Your Common Questions About A Dental Hygienist Answered

Over the years as dentistry has gone by, the term “dental hygienist” has led to confusion as to what one does. All of the key questions on the role of a dental hygienist can be found right here.


The Five Questions

Here are the five common questions from a patient with regard to a dental hygienist and their role.

  1. Who Is A Dental Hygienist? – A dental hygienist is a registered dental care professional who’s predominantly focused on preventative dentistry. You should visit a hygienist if you’re after a scale-and-polish for a clean, shiny mouth. A dental hygienist professional removes plaque and tartar from your teeth before performing a check-up and clean. They’re more concerned with how you look after your teeth and may recommend tips on how to look after teeth at home. A hygienist can also perform sealants or fluoride treatments.
  2. What Should I Expect From My Hygienist Appointment? – Individual patients will have their own needs and concerns upon their dental visits. The hygienist will adapt to your concerns and identify the next steps. If you have concerns such as gum health, scale-and-polish, bad breath or dieting, the hygienist is the best person to advise.
  3. How Often Should I Visit The Hygienist? – It’s recommended that you should visit the hygienist every six months. Regular dental visits are important because hygienists are in the best place to identify any concerns which need to be addressed. Hygienists perform oral cancer screenings and gum and bone assessments to make sure the mouth, in general, is in a healthy condition to keep your teeth strong. Whilst maintaining home remedies are positive, there is more to it than just brushing and flossing. With regular visits, the hygienists will advise on what you’re doing wrong and what you should do to maintain a healthy smile.
  4. What Are The Benefits Of Visiting A Hygienist Regularly? – There are a variety of benefits that you can take from regular visits. The gum and bone are the underlying foundations of the strength of your teeth. Bacteria and cavities could fill up in your mouth without realizing which could become detrimental to your oral health. The hygienist performs these checks amongst more to keep your teeth shining and your mouth healthy. Healthy teeth improve your appearance and keep you looking youthful.

If you suffer from discoloration, read here on why you may need scale-and-polish treatment.


If you were wondering what a dental hygienist does, these questions and answers will give you some context. One thing you’ll need to know is that they play a very important role in your oral health. Healthy smiles deliver better well-being, not to mention self-esteem and confidence when you smile so visit our Woden dentist today.

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