Picture of a fitted permanent dental implant

When Your Dental Implant Becomes Loose

Dental implants have a very high success, however, like any form of treatment, there is a potential for complications along the way. This is also the case for fitted dental implants. Now don’t get worried when reading “potential for complications“! Dental implants are a safe treatment. You may be surprised when reading this because the trend for fitted dental implants is that they’re a standalone solution for missing teeth that are the closest thing to a natural-looking solution to your smile. They are also sold to be the long-term choice to restore a full set of teeth.

This is still the case with fitted dental implants, but there are occasions where your dental implant becomes loose. This doesn’t necessarily mean straight away that fitted dental implants are a bad choice.

Let’s take a further look at why and how your dental implant becomes loose.

Dental implant becoming loose

The Fitted Implant Isn’t Necessarily The Issue…

Straight off the bat, it is unlikely that the actual fitted dental implant is the root of the issue here, but there may be other oral health issues that are actually causing the implant to become loose. It is important to point out that it is likely that external issues around the fitted implant are causing the looseness.

What could this be?

Jaw Infection

A common cause for an implant to fail is an infection known as peri-implantitis. This condition is acutely similar to gum disease, where bacteria has penetrated inside the gums supporting the implant. The infection can occur at any time, more than likely because the gums aren’t being cleaned well enough, causing harmful bacteria to build within the gums. Gums can become inflamed, causing the strength of the implant to become weaker.

Loose Crown Fitting

Whilst the titanium screw is securely fitted in the jaw, sometimes the crown can become loose. This could be for a few reasons, wear-and-tear, poor fitting of the crown in the first place causing teeth to shift out of position or a lack of dental care. There could be an impact placed on the neighbouring teeth, and it is important that you visit the dentist as soon as possible to get the crown replaced.

Weaker Bone Density

A fitted dental implant bonds together with the jaw to replace the full structure of a tooth. When this happens, it is the hope that this process stimulates bone growth. This means more strength for the titanium screw to remain firm against the jawbone and to hold the crown in place. This is what’s known as osseointegration. Your implant should never feel loose. Although sometimes, the process of osseointegration isn’t successful, causing bone loss, meaning your implant may not have the adequate support it needs from your jawbone. This may require future bone grafting surgery to repair the bone.


What Do I Do If My Dental Implant Becomes Loose?

If your fitted dental implant becomes loose, then make an immediate appointment with the oral surgeon so that a professional examination can be conducted. This will help the oral surgeon determine what the cause of the loosening of the implant is. It is more likely that one of the external reasons above is the cause of the concern rather than the implant itself.

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