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5 Tips to Deal With Painful Dentures

Dentures are fitted to be comfortable and secure on your gums. However, it is natural that dentures will become uncomfortable and become loose in time. As a denture patient, you want to ensure that your dentures can fit for as long as possible. Dentures usually fit snuggly around the gums. However, if you experience a degree of pain, it is a sign that the dentures have been ill-fitted. This may lead to further swelling and soreness around the affected area or even an infection.

Luckily, there are measures that will help prevent pain caused by ill-fitted dentures.

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The Five Tips

Here are five tips to limit pain with your loose dentures.

  1. Consider Other Forms of Treatment – Due to advanced dental technology, there are other forms of treatment that have trumped above dentures, such as dental implants. The dentist is best placed to determine whether your oral health is strong enough to withstand other forms of treatment. Implants are lone standing, strong and durable to deliver a natural smile.
  2. Practice Denture Cleaning and Hygiene – Dentures require extra care to prevent them from causing any further pain. When practicing good oral hygiene, dentures can be maintained with next to zero pain. Purchase a dental cleanser and clean your dentures thoroughly, especially the roof of the mouth to limit bacteria. Immerse your dentures with water every night to keep them clean and avoid debris.
  3. Adapt Your Diet To Your Dentures – Start eating foods that can adapt to your denture fitting. Especially if you’ve recently had dentures fitted so that they can easily adapt to your mouth. Eat softer foods such as soup, vegetables and potato. Drink water regularly during the day, and not just after every meal.
  4. Use Home Remedies – Home remedies have proven to limit any pain with fitted dentures. Salt is a great ingredient for denture adjustments. It helps limit mouth sores, any gum swelling and sensitivity. Cloves are excellent for treating gum pain. The Eugenol ingredient contains anti-swelling properties. Apply it to the gums and rinse out with water. Turmeric is also a good remedy to reduce any inflammation on the gums. These are three of the best, but you may also consult your dentist for further home remedies for your dentures.
  5. Pain Relief Medication – Over-the-counter pain relievers will help with short-term sensitivity and reduce inflammation and denture pain. Ibuprofen has proven to work but consult your dentist for safe recommendations.

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Your dentures can become loose for many different reasons. Practice good denture care to preserve good oral health to use your dentures for longer.

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