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What Are The Popular Tooth Loss Causes?

Losing a tooth is the worst thing to happy to your oral health. It can also damage your smiling confidence and overall wellbeing. Tooth loss is unfortunately quite common, and it attributes to not either a poor oral routine or a dental accident that has caused trauma and damage to the underlying gum tissue.

These are explained further below. What is the popular tooth loss causes, and are there ways to help reduce the chances of losing a tooth? Find out below!

Flossing as part of a strong oral routine

A Weak Oral Routine

A weak oral routine isn’t just not brushing or flossing your teeth, it is also keeping your mouth clean throughout the day and keeping your mouth away from harmful bacteria. Neglect of your oral health will introduce cavities and tooth decay. This happens through dental plaque which is a harmful bacteria that coats the teeth. Food debris in the mouth causes plaque to form and is a consequence of not keeping your mouth clean throughout the day and brushing and flossing your teeth.

A Fad Diet Containing Sugars

Are you a culprit of drinking sodas, eating candy and starchy foods containing high levels of sugar every single day? This is a negative for your oral health. When sugar combines with bacteria in the mouth, this builds acid, and acid is a weakness to your enamel and underlying dentin. When the enamel becomes exposed, your teeth and gums are susceptible to harmful bacteria and infection. It is likely that your teeth will fall out as well.

Bad Habits

Your teeth should never be used to perform habits that can cause your teeth to become damaged. Many people think using their teeth is a shortcut to either cut their nails, chew down on hard objects or open up any food packaging (for example). Unconsciously doing this means your teeth are susceptible to chips and cracks. This needs to be avoided so there is no further damage to your smile.

Physical Injury

Whether you’re playing contact sports and collide with another person or object, or you simply lose your footing and fall on your mouth, physical injury is a common reason for tooth loss. The tooth can become dislodged out of its socket and cause extreme pain. A recommendation is to wear a mouthguard when playing sports so your teeth are protected.

Wisdom teeth swelling pain

Gum Disease

Gum disease is considered the main or most popular tooth loss cause. Gum disease is the process of your gums becoming inflamed. As this progressively gets worse, the bacteria in the mouth can fill in the pockets between your teeth and gums. This can cause deep infection and damage the underlying gum tissue and bone. This will cause multiple teeth to fall out of their socket. Read more here to learn about the dangers.

So, how can you reduce the chances of tooth loss? It is simple: look after your oral health and make it a priority. There are many aspects of strong oral health that you need to be aware of to help reduce the chances of tooth loss. You can find out more here.

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