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The Truth About Root Canal Treatment Revealed

Root canal treatment myths have spread like wildfire, causing patients to think twice about root canal treatment if a tooth decayed or severely damaged. Patients believe that the best form of treatment for a decayed or damaged tooth is tooth extraction treatment. However, taking up this form of treatment has more negative results for your overall oral health than root canal treatment.

Over the years, the stigma of root canal treatment has lead patients to believe that a root canal is dangerous, unsafe, painful and needless leading to illness and further damage to your oral health. This is further from the truth.

Do you know that root canal treatment is actually is the best form of treatment to save the tooth? In fact, the treatment is so impactful that depending upon the situation, root canal is even suggested for children.

If there are signs the tooth can be saved, this is the best option to take. Extracted teeth heighten the risk of bone density decreases. The bone is essential in keeping teeth strong and in place. Without strong bone density, teeth can be lost and gums can detach.


Where Did The Myths Come From?

The myths and misconceptions of root canal treatment were formed in the early 1920s. As part of historical research, Dr. Weston Price came up with the theory that root canal treatment is dangerous and unsafe based on poorly designed testing. The belief was that root canals contain harmful toxins that may lead to poor oral health, illness or even disease. As this circulated on the internet, the misconceptions became more believable.

What Is The Truth About Root Canal Treatment?

Today, patients are taking up root canal treatment at a popular rate because of the actual benefits it brings to your oral health, particularly if a tooth is decayed or severely damaged. Root canal treatment saves or repairs the remains of the tooth, and the procedure involves removing the nerve and bacteria pulp from the centre of the tooth, before cleaning the infected area and sealing it with a filling or a crown.

Root canal treatment is painless and is usually administered through two appointments. The success rate of root canal treatment has never been higher, and the tooth can survive for at least ten years after treatment is complete.

When root canal treatment is complete, this restores the missing look in your smile and allows for confident smiles.

Root canal

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How To Keep A Root Canal Clean And Healthy

When recovering from root canal treatment, follow these steps to preserve the health of your root canal and allow for smooth healing:

  • Avoid biting on hard foods and keep to a softer diet containing foods such as vegetables, soup, and potato.
  • Brush and floss daily as you naturally would with your natural teeth.
  • Book regular check-up appointments with the dentist to check on the health of your root canal. This is important to keep the root canal healthy for long-term oral health.

Is your tooth damaged? Do you suffer from oral pain? You may require root canal treatment.

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