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Signs You Need Your Tooth Extracted

Nobody likes to remove a tooth. Although sometimes it is necessary to keep your oral health strong. Tooth extraction treatment isn’t the only solution available. This depends how much damage has been done to your tooth. Sometimes a root canal is necessary. You can read this article to learn more about both treatments. Ultimately, the dentist is best placed to determine whether extraction treatment is required.

Dental check-ups are an essential part of maintaining oral health. This is because the dentist can recognize the dangers signs to your teeth and resolve it before it gets worse.

In a worst-case scenario, tooth extraction will be required.

Let’s read on to understand the common signs where tooth extraction treatment will be needed.


The Tooth Is Severely Decayed

A tooth decays through the tooth root. This is known as the pulp. Decay is formed from built-up bacteria that invade the pulp. This ultimately leads to an infection. To protect your neighbouring teeth from infection, the tooth will require extracting.

Overcrowding and Impacting

When teeth abnormally shifted into an incorrect position that prevents neighbouring teeth from erupting, this is known as “Impacting”. When teeth become crowded, it impacts your bite and damages your teeth. Therefore, the dentist will extract them to ensure neighbouring teeth have more space to grow adequately and for the upper and lower teeth to fit together when biting down.

A Physical Accident

After a tooth has been impacted due to a physical accident, the tooth can crack, chip or break off. The first option would be to save the tooth. This depends on the impact severity on the tooth. If the majority of the tooth has been knocked out and has caused the further infection to neighbouring teeth, extraction will be required.

Gum (Periodontal) Disease

Periodontal disease is a popular cause for an extraction. Periodontal disease is an infection that can impact the teeth, gum and surrounding tissue structure. The alveolar bone becomes exposed, increasing chances of decay and weakening the bone.  The disease can become progressively worse. In this instance, tooth extraction may be the only viable solution.

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To Summarize…

Whilst the above signs don’t exactly suggest tooth extraction treatment will always be required in these instances, these signs are only an indication that extraction treatment will be considered. This is dependent on how early the signs have been caught. If they are caught early, the dentist will be able to save the tooth and consider alternative forms of treatment. This would mean the tooth remains in place.

If you’re experiencing any of the above signs, contact us at Woden Dental Centre today and let our exceptional dentists support you on your way to restoring your oral health. Book your appointment today!