Swelling after tooth extraction

Remedies To Reduce Wisdom Teeth Swelling

Wisdom teeth swelling is common after extraction treatment. The amount of swelling is individual to everyone, whether it’s swelling due to a dental implant or wisdom tooth extraction. It can range from mild to severe, however, there are remedies that you can start taking at home if the swelling does become excessive.

When reducing wisdom teeth swelling, the first tip is to ensure that the affected area is kept clean. Attempting to eat against the affected area could exacerbate the swelling size.

Here are some remedies to help you swiftly reduce wisdom teeth swelling.

Wisdom teeth swelling pain

Apply A Cold Compress

Applying a cold compress such as an ice pack on the outer cheek against the affected area can reduce swelling quickly. Apply the cold compress for at least 20 minutes at a time throughout the day. Once swelling reduces, jaw and mouth movement will become much easier.

Over-The-Counter Medication

Pain relief medication that is usually recommended to help is aspirin or ibuprofen. It is, however, recommended that you consult the dentist if you experience any side effects to the medication you take. Follow the appropriate guidelines for taking the medication, and if the pain gets worse, speak to the dentist.

Avoid Hard Solids And Chewy Foods

Hard solids and chewy foods can cause the blood clot to become dislodged, causing further sensitivity. Alongside this, biting down on solids and chewy foods can increase the strain and stress on your jaw. This will slow down recovery and increase the time it takes for the swelling to disappear. It is recommended that you change your diet comprising of softer choices of foods temporarily along with drinking regular water.

Do Not Drink Alcohol Or Smoke

It is important that you avoid consuming alcohol or smoke a cigarette as they’ve both proven to reduce the healing process. If you want to smoke or consume alcohol, wait until the blood clot has formed first.

Tooth extraction

The aftercare after wisdom tooth extraction can be simple if you make it simple. Ensure that the blood clot has formed, ensure the swelling has reduced and ensure that the pain is limited before beginning to perform your favourite activities and eat your favourite food and drink. This should take between 2 to 3 days for optimal recovery. If you ignore your aftercare immediately after wisdom tooth extraction, then you’re in danger of contracting a condition known as dry socket.

If you’re having trouble with your wisdom teeth recovery, or wisdom teeth swelling hasn’t gone down as expected, contact us our Woden Dental team today and book an appointment with us.