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Remedies To Make Way For Whiter Teeth

As we age, it is inevitable that teeth become yellow. However, some believe that once the yellow dentin becomes exposed, teeth will stay yellow unless you visit a professional dentist to undergo teeth whitening treatment. However, we can safely tell you there are a variety of remedies that can help halt the yellow appearance. They may even reverse it to make way for a whiter smile.

Changes in colour happen subtlety. However, maybe you can’t afford dental treatments to clean teeth and are seeking home remedies that will whiten teeth. Let’s take a look at the top home remedies to make way for whiter teeth.


The Home Remedies

  1. Brush Teeth With Baking Soda – Baking soda contains traits of hydrogen peroxide that helps to remove plaque build-up and eliminate any source of bacteria on teeth. Baking soda is said to polish away stubborn stains on the surface of teeth for a lighter shade. There are also ingredients that help reduce tooth decay. Known as mild-abrasive, toothpaste containing this ingredient is available from the dentist. They will advise on how much you should use when you brush your teeth.
  2. Avoid Dark Foods – Easier said than done, but reduce consumption of foods that contain dark ingredients as they easily stain teeth. Reduce eating foods that contain acids and sugars, and replace with more calcium-sourced food such as vegetables, soya, nuts, fish and other dairy foods. Ensure with your meal you seek to drink water as much as possible instead of coffee or sodas.
  3. Coconut Oil Pulling – Your teeth benefit from ingredients that limit plaque and bacteria build-up. Coconut oil pulling is organic and can be used to swish in your mouth for a maximum of 30 minutes. Use a maximum of two teaspoons and rinse your mouth with warm water after. It has proven to reduce plaque to keep the whitening effect on teeth.
  4. Maintain Quality Oral Hygiene – Never neglect oral hygiene. It is a key principle in making sure oral health stays positive for life. Good oral hygiene typically includes brushing and flossing twice a day to remove plaque and consume water especially after a meal.
  5. Eating Fruit and Vegetables – Vegetables are not only healthy, they also promote saliva production required to fight any incoming bacteria. Vegetables such as carrots, apples and celery are tasty and good to protect your oral health.

Teeth whitening treatment

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If you are pregnant, make sure to consult a dentist about teeth whitening in pregnancy.

Teeth whitening treatment is something that not all patients can afford. Luckily, there are remedies that will help maintain the shine in your smile. A bright smile is a sign of positive wellbeing and if you want to keep showing off those pearly whites, follow these tips regularly.

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