Dental mouthguard

Are You In Need Of A Dental Mouthguard? Here Are The Reasons Why You Could Be Degrading Your Teeth Without Noticing

Do you wake up noticing minor damage to your teeth? You could be experiencing Bruxism. Find out why here.

Bruxism is the term known for Teeth Grinding, a condition that typically occurs whilst you sleep. The upper and lower jaw clenches and grinds together, causing minor cosmetic damage to your teeth which gets worse over time. Bruxism is common and carries various side effects. You could be grinding your teeth at night if you suffer from:

  • Severe morning headaches
  • Stiffness when moving your jaw
  • Stiffness when you speak
  • Painful chewing when eating a meal


It is difficult to determine the underlying reason why teeth grinding happens. However, what we can tell you are the causes of it. The five key reasons are illustrated below.

The Five Key Reasons

  1. An Abnormal Bite – As we get older, the mouth structure naturally changes shape, especially if there are missing teeth. Without neighbouring teeth, some teeth may position themselves awkwardly, where your teeth aren’t straight, and the mouth develops an abnormal bite. The term for this is Malocclusion, and the joints become affected.
  2. Anxiety and Stress – Anxiety and Stress have been identified as the main reasons for Bruxism. Jaws clench and grind together to wear your teeth down when you’re stressed. It is known that at least 70% of Bruxism is through stress. The dentist will recommend some exercises to help relieve your stress. Exercises such as yoga or meditation help relieve stress and anxiety.
  3. Sleep Apnoea – Regular snoring and disrupted airwaves lead to sleep apnoea. This is also a common cause of teeth grinding. If you wake up regularly through the night due to this, then perform a sleep study test.
  4. Problems With Teeth – If your teeth are crooked and chipped, the excess grinding will cause further damage to your teeth. The bottom and top jaw grind with each other, and you could wake up with visible chips and cracks.
  5. Lifestyle – Recreational drugs are an example of contributing to teeth grinding. Any other form of drug which increases your adrenaline increases aggression and excessive teeth grinding.

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Luckily, various dental mouthguards are available to cater to Bruxism to give you that all-important healthier and happier sleep. Your dentist will recommend the use of a dental mouthguard and instruct you on how to use it. They are very valuable for Bruxism patients and improve the overall health of your teeth as well.

If you’re suffering from teeth grinding and are worried about the degrading nature of your teeth, Woden dentists are ready for you. Contact us now to book an appointment or for advice on how to improve the look and feel of your teeth.