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Potential Complications With Dental Implants – Answered!

Dental implants are considered the best cosmetic choice for missing teeth. Denture patients are also recommended to choose implants over dentures, which shows just how beneficial implants can be for oral health. With a very high success rate, not only do implants look good, they maintain proper mouth functioning and they’re hardly noticeable when you smile. These are the benefits attached to it, and these are the likely results for successful implant treatment. Although, questions continue to be raised as to whether treatment can lead to potential complications with dental implants.

If you’re seeking dental implant treatment but are concerned about potential complications with dental implants fitted inside your mouth, they are valid concerns.

There are potential complications with dental implants that can arise. Ultimately, this depends on the state of your oral health. When patients perform poor oral hygiene, this heightens the chances of implant failure, and this can lead to oral health issues such as Peri-Implantitis and even general health issues.

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Why The Missing Gap Needs To Be Filled

The dentist would always recommend that the gap in your teeth is filled. The problems that can arise are not when the gap arises but the after-effects shortly after.

Teeth on both sides of the gap can drift out of their position. Food can become trapped as well. This can risk the chances of cavity, decay and gum disease. Teeth naturally shift out of position and cause misalignment and problems when biting down on food. You cannot expect your teeth to stay in a place where there is space next to it. Naturally, as you use your jaw to eat, speak and clench, it can cause teeth on either side of the gap to drift inward towards the gap, causing a crooked smile.

My Oral Health Isn’t Good, But I Want A Dental Implant…

Unfortunately, dental implant treatment may only be performed if your oral health is strong enough to withstand an implant.

Otherwise, these are the potential complications with dental implants:

  1. The Implant Does Not Connect With The Bone – Implants are strong and are considered a natural choice for missing teeth because of how strong and stable they are to function like real teeth. The titanium post is fused into the jawbone owing to the strong bone. Bone resorption is likely when a gap remains in your teeth for a long period, meaning the implant will not sustain.
  2. Chances Of Infection – Infection can occur if you as a patient do not perform the right oral hygiene to avoid infection. If the missing gap is infected, you’re placing further risk to your surrounding teeth.
  3. Nerve Damage – Dental implants may incorrectly be placed during treatment, and there are many reasons why this could happen. Implants can be drilled too deeply into the jaw, with a chance it penetrates the alveolar nerve.
  4. Peri-Implantitis – This is a disease that can impact the surrounding gum and bone, risking failure of implant treatment. This may lead to bone loss and your implant becoming loose. This owes to poor oral health. For example, if you smoke, consume alcohol and sugars and do not brush your teeth properly, your chances of developing peri-implantitis become greater.

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Visiting the dentist for a check-up appointment before considering dental implants is very important, particularly if you’ve had a missing gap in your teeth for some time. The dentist will ultimately determine whether implant treatment is right for you and, if not at the moment, recommend oral advice and tips to improve your oral health before considering dental implant treatment. This is how potential complications with dental implants may occur.

Considering dental implant treatment is a significant decision, and one important aspect to be aware of is the dental implant cost in Australia. Understanding the financial aspect of the procedure can play a crucial role in your decision-making process. At Garran Dental, we believe in providing transparent information about the cost of dental implants and helping our patients make informed choices about their oral health journey. Feel free to reach out to us to discuss the dental implant cost and any other queries you may have.

If you’re seeking further advice on potential complications with dental implants or you may be ready for dental implant treatment, contact us at Garran Dental today and let us help you get started!