Old Parliament House

Old Parliament House

Before the construction of the new Australian parliament building, Canberra was a dispersed, small town with few facilities. The building was meant to be temporary, but the construction of the Old Parliament House transformed the city, effectively doubling its population overnight. Many workers had to live in tents and settlements during construction, and the weather was notoriously extreme. Housing for the workers required massive construction projects, which were later abandoned. It is located at 18 King George Terrace, Parkes ACT 2600.

The building’s history is commemorated with audio memories in the former parliamentary chambers, ministerial offices, party rooms, and even the bowels of the press room. Although journalists had to squeeze in, they had the benefit of being cheek-by-jowl with politicians. The Museum is a worthwhile stop if you’re in the area. Taking in the history of the Old Parliament House will give you a unique insight into Australia’s political past.

The old building is a living museum of political and social history. It is located in a nationally-listed heritage building in Parkes, ACT. You can also get information about the local area and the Australian government at the Museum of Australian Democracy. Regardless of your interests, you’ll be sure to learn something at this museum. Take time to explore the building’s history and learn about Australia’s democracy. Browse next article.

The parliamentary gardens are situated on both sides of the building. The gardens have been refurbished and feature rose arbours and symmetrical pergolas. In addition to the garden area, the building also includes a tennis court and bowling green. The former gardens were designed by the architect Charles Weston, and contrasted with the lush gardens in Melbourne. The gardens are located adjacent to the Old Parliament House and are part of the National Triangle.

There are small but quality exhibitions in the Australian Parliament building. The Kings Hall contains paintings of Australian prime ministers. In the courtyard, there is a statue of King George V, who was the representative of his father King Edward VII at the opening of the first Commonwealth Parliament. If you’re lucky enough to catch the opening of Parliament, you’ll want to visit Old Parliament House Parkes ACT. There’s something for everyone.

The interiors of the building were designed by Murdoch, and contain many of his original furnishings. The House of Representatives party room, which was once the President’s office, and the Senate’s club room were also designed by Murdoch. These rooms, as well as the Clerk of the Senate’s office, are decorated with Murdoch’s simplified classical design scheme. Many of Murdoch’s interior designs are simple forms based on his famous square motif. Click for more.