National Museum of Australia

National Museum of Australia

Visit the National Museum of Australia in Acton if you want to learn about the rich history and culture of Australia. It is located at Lawson Cres, Acton ACT 2601. From the ancient to the modern, this museum will provide you with an insight into the country’s history. You can also enjoy the collection of art that is on display. The collection includes works of Australian artists, musicians, artists, politicians, athletes, entertainers, royalty, and much more. The museum is also home to the Last Post Ceremony, which commemorates an important Australian everyday. At 4:55pm each day, the ceremony will be held in the Commemorative Area.

This museum contains more than 210,000 objects that tell the story of Australia. The collection includes displays on Aboriginal culture, European settlement, and the interaction of humankind with the environment. The museum also houses the largest collection of bark paintings in the world, as well as holdings from the former Australian Institute of Anatomy. Other notable exhibits include the heart of racehorse Phar Lap and the collection of convict tokens and Aboriginal breastplates. There are also educational and archival collections to provide additional historical context.

The Museum also features workshops and technology play areas. You can explore the exhibitions on indigenous culture and national icons. Don’t miss the film that introduces the museum and its exhibitions. You should also check out the National Portrait Gallery of Australia, which displays over 400 portraits of significant Australians. The gallery is located near the National Gallery and the High Court of Australia. This museum is a must-see for anyone visiting Canberra.

The museum also offers self-guided tours of the permanent collection. First Australians tours focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander exhibits. Guests can also purchase vouchers to spend in the museum shop, or eat lunch in the nearby waterfront cafe. History buffs will love the museum’s exhibits and free admission. For younger children, the museum offers strollers and baby change tables for hire. A great read.

The Australian War Memorial is another must-visit attraction in the region. This moving museum commemorates Australian servicemen and women. It features an Eternal Flame, Commemorative Courtyard, and 26 sandstone sculptures. The Roll of Honour displays the names of all Australians who have died in war since 1885. The memorial is also home to an acclaimed art gallery. You can listen to the Last Post every day at 4:55pm.

The National Museum of Australia is the ultimate place for tourists to see Australia. It is located in the center of the city and features exhibits that cover everything from Australia’s history to its environment. From flora and fauna to geopolitics, from early settlement to the modern era, this museum has something to interest every traveler. A half-day visit is more than enough for exploring the National Museum of Australia.

In addition to its museum, the Australian National War Memorial and the Australian Museum are worth checking out. The latter is a must-see for anyone visiting Canberra. Visitors can also view the Parliament Building and its 81-meter tall flagpole. The National Museum of Australia is open to the public and offers free guided tours. At the Australian Museum, you can learn about the history of the country and the development of the nation. More info.