Mount Mugga Mugga Nature Reserve

The Mount Mugga Mugga Nature Reserve comprises a section of the larger Canberra Nature Park. Mount Mugga Mugga contains 148 hectares of wilderness. Some areas of the reserve also offer breathtaking views of the Jerrabomberra and Woden Valleys.


Many people come to the park to partake in different activities to give them a break from daily life. A few favourite things to do in the park include hiking, mountain biking, and appreciating the surrounding nature. Bird watching is also a popular activity. Those who come to the park often try to spot the glossy black cockatoo. Furry four-legged friends can even join in on the fun as long as you keep them on a leash.

Flora and Fauna

Mount Mugga Mugga Nature Reserve is home to a large number of plants and animals that you can only find in a few other places in the world. Many visitors come to try to lay eyes on the vulnerable pink-tailed worm-lizard or the perunga grasshopper.

As far as plants go, Mount Mugga Mugga Nature Reserve contains large groups of Argyle Apple, White Box, and Golden Wattle that were planted way back in the first part of the twentieth century from 1917 to 1922.

Heritage Sites

In addition to plants and animals, the Mount Mugga Mugga Nature Reserve also protects aboriginal heritage sites. Traditional Custodians have found many stone artefacts in the park. These artefacts are of intense archaeological significance. The park is likely home to many more objects that are just waiting to be discovered as well. If you happen to stumble upon one that is unregistered, it is your obligation under the Heritage Act 2004 to report it to the Heritage Council without disturbing it.

If you’re really into discovering the natural wonders, of Canberra and the surrounding areas, then after you are finishing at Mount Mugga Mugga Nature Reserve, you should consider venturing to nearby Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve. While returning back to the Woden Valley, you can look into the lifestyle of people and how they work in their organizations such as Woden Dental Centre.