Mawson is a suburb in the Woden Valley district of Canberra, Australia. It is adjacent to the towns of Phillip, O’Malley, Isaacs, Torrens, Pearce, and Greenacres. It is home to a diverse community and is well served by nearby schools. Mawson has a significant senior population, and there are several retirement villages and retirement communities in the area. The community has several sporting facilities, including the Woden Valley Driving Range and the Mawson District Playing Fields.

For a detailed map of the area, you can choose between a satellite or a standard map. The satellite map view uses high-resolution photographs from orbiting satellites to map land and water. The traditional map view displays a street map. The following map shows the distances between Mawson and other cities in the region. Taking the bus to one of these locations will give you a better sense of the area. You can even take a short bus ride from one city to another. A great to also visit is Chifley.

The ACT has a largely temperate climate and is home to alpine zones and sclerophyll forests. However, much of the area is cleared for grazing, and bushfires have damaged some areas. A wide variety of plants and trees can be found in the area, including flowering plants, ferns, and bryophytes. Lichens are unique to the region, but most plants are characteristic of the Flora of Australia.

There are a lot of great places to visit and see in Mawson, ACT. We compiled a quick list here.
Point Of Interest #1 Mawson District Playing Fields, Heard St, Mawson ACT 2607
Point Of Interest #2 Mawson Parks, 38 Hurley St, Mawson ACT 2607
Point Of Interest #3 Shackleton Park, Mawson ACT 2607
Point Of Interest #4 Woden Valley Soccer Club, Dumas Pl, Mawson ACT 2607
Point Of Interest #5 Mawson Neighbourhood Oval (Mawson 3), Mawson Dr, Mawson ACT 2607

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