The Australian Capital Territory has a local elected legislative assembly. The National Capital Authority and the Commonwealth retain control over the area surrounding the Parliamentary Triangle. ACT residents elect three members of the House of Representatives and two senators. Before 1909, European communities settled in the region. The region became known as Queanbeyan-Yass after the two largest towns in the area. The state’s eastern coastline was formed during the Devonian period when large volcanic eruptions raised the region’s bedrock.

A few years ago, Macarthur became part of ACT motorsport activities. The ACT Department of Interior granted permission to the motorsport enthusiasts to use the land as long as it was located away from built-up areas and complied with noise regulations. During this time, the area was developing and was called “Macarthur Park.”

According to the 2016 Census, there were 1,427 people living in MacArthur. Of these, 49.8% were males and 50.2% were females. Aboriginal people made up 1.5% of the population. People aged 0-14 years and those 65 and over made up the rest of the population. Of those aged 15 and older, 60.3% were married, 8.2% were divorced or separated, and 4.7% were in de facto relationships. Read more Chisholm here.

A large portion of MacArthur (ACT) residents were in a formal educational institution. Of those in education, 29.0% of residents were attending a primary or secondary school, 20.0% attended a secondary or tertiary institution, and 25.2% had tertiary or technical education. Overall, English was the main language of communication. However, some residents spoke Afrikaans, French, Serbian, and Polish.

There are a lot of great places to visit and see in MacArthur, ACT. We compiled a quick list here.
Point Of Interest #1 Macarthur Playground, 59 Coyne St, MacArthur ACT 2904
Point Of Interest #2 Merriman Playground, 49 Merriman Cres, MacArthur ACT 2904
Point Of Interest #3 Wanniassa Hill Special Purpose Reserve, Jackie Howe Cres, MacArthur ACT 2904
Point Of Interest #4 Pets at Peace Canberra and districts, 43 Merriman Cres, MacArthur ACT 2904
Point Of Interest #5 MacKillop Catholic College, 101 Jackie Howe Cres, MacArthur ACT 2904

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