Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve

The Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve is one of the most significant subsections of the Canberra Nature Park, clocking in at 387 hectares. This park section connects Mount Mugga Mugga Nature Reserve to the Waniassa Hill Nature Reserve. As one of the high points of the area, this ridge offers spectacular views of the city of Canberra that you cannot miss.

Things to Do

In addition to enjoying the views, many people come to this park to walk, mountain bike, or horseback ride. Dogs are welcomed into the park as long as they are on a leash at all times. The Centenary Trail is a great resource for avid bikers who are looking for a challenge.

Flora and Fauna

Many vulnerable and threatened birds call Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve home. A couple of examples include the Brown Treecreeper and Speckled Warbler.

If you’re looking to come across a rare plant, then Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve is an excellent place for you to go. The Pale Flax Lily and the Sunray Hoary are a few rarities that you could find in the park if you know where to look.


Isaacs Ridge Nature Reserve was not always a protected park. A long time ago, it was part of the Campbell family’s Duntroon landholdings as well as the Mugga Mugga Station. In the nineteenth century, people almost exclusively used the land for stock grazing.

Of course, way before this, the park’s lands belonged to the aboriginal people of the region. You can still find artefacts from their culture in the area. If you come across one that is unregistered, it is your duty under law to report it to the Heritage Council.

In addition to wonderful natural attractions, Canberra is also home to world-class institutions such as the Canberra Hospital.

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