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Is Dental Implant Treatment Safe?

Dental Implants are considered the most natural form of treatment for missing teeth. The most common treatment choice before implants were bridges and dentures, and those were the only natural replacements available. Although, thercose were always complications down the line. Now, with dental implants, the success rate has been very high. Although, patients do raise questions regarding the safety and reliability of dental implants and whether they’re the right choice of treatment for the long-term. Implants are designed to pave the way for a more natural, aesthetically-pleasing solution. However, questions continue to be raised about whether dental implant treatment is safe for long-term oral health. The thought of implant being the like-for-like solution for missing teeth has been questioned.

Dental implant treatment result

Dental Implant Treatment Is Safe

If you’re considering implant treatment, then lets quash the misconception the dental implant treatment isn’t safe. Dental implant treatment is safe and well-established treatment that can last for a long time, dependent on how strong your oral routine is. The infused screw in the jawbone is made out of titanium, and if your bone is strong, the screw will firmly remain in place, with a crown being place on top of the abutment. As long as your jaw bone is strong, the crown will also firmly remain in place.

What Factors Can Help Me Make A Decision?

Below breaks down the key factors that will help you understand more about implants so it can help you make a decision about whether dental implant treatment is safe.

The Pros

  • Its A Natural Replacement – Implants are considered the go-to solution to restore your natural smile and appearance. The goal is replacing the missing tooth with a more strong, natural-looking artificial replacement. So natural that the implant wouldn’t be noticeable in your set of teeth.
  • Stimulation Of The Bone – Bone loss is critical to your oral health and loosing strength in the bone softens the core of your mouth, causing your teeth to fall out and changing your appearance. Implants are infused into the jawbone to strengthen the bone and to keep the implant strong and in place. Weakened bone will require what’s known as osseointegration.
  • A Durable Solution– As long as an implant is looked after with positive oral hygiene, the implant will look after you and your smile. Dentures have a shelf-life that lasts five to eight years maximum. Implants can last forever.

Picture of a fitted permanent dental implant

The Cons

  • They’re Fairly Costly – One of the pitfalls of implants is the affordability aspect. A single implant is quite expensive. Even if you have an insurance plan that covers implant treatment, a portion of the cost must be put forward on top. Read our post to learn more about whether dental implants are worth the cost.
  • Further Treatment May Be Required – Depending on the state of your mouth, the results of the examination with the oral surgeon may dictate that further treatment is required before you can have an implant. For example, if you suffer with weak bone structure, you may require bone graft to strengthen your bone. These additional treatments cost more to you and increase your waiting time for an implant.
  • The Process Isn’t Straightforward – Fitting in dental implants can take a long time. Typically, the implant may require four to six months fuse with the jawbone. If the state of your mouth dictates you require emergency dental treatment, implants may not be the best solution.

The idea of the above is to provide you with the key factors that will help you to make the right decision as to whether dental implant treatment is safe and is right for you. The misconception that dental implant treatment is unsafe is simply that, a misconception. Should you want to seek further advice, you can contact our dentists in Woden.