Tooth implant

What Is The Cost Of Tooth Implant In Australia?

Tooth Implants is becoming a more popular choice of treatment to permanently replace one or more teeth. As modern dentistry has evolved, tooth implants outlast other conventional choices of treatments such as bridges and dentures, treatments that were popular before implants came to the fore.

Although, one of the factors of a tooth implant is that they are expensive, and patients who want a tooth implant may be put off due to its cost.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Tooth Implant?

The average cost of a single tooth implant in Australia ranges between $2500 to $3000 per tooth. You may incur further costs if certain restoration treatments need to be performed to help you with your appointment. For example, bone grafting to improve bone health or removing a decayed tooth and cleaning the affected area to make way for the implant. This is something the dentist would help you with during your appointment.

What Are The Key Factors For The Cost Of A Tooth Implant?

Firstly, the cost of an implant is determined by how many teeth you’d need to replace. For example, you may consider all-on-four implants. The more implants that are needed would naturally increase treatment time and resource use, which would drive up the cost.

Complexity is also a key factor. You’d naturally need to pay more if the dentist needs to resolve a pre-existing dental issue. It is expected that replacing multiple teeth with tooth implants can exceed up to $20,000.

The Cost Of A Root Canal Vs Tooth Implants

Root canal treatment is considered if a tooth was originally considered “dead” or deeply decayed, but its roots are healthy enough to be saved.  

Although, the long-term costs of root canal treatment to go with caring for it carries more risks compared to a tooth implant. 

Root canal treatment can cost in the region of $2000 to $3000. Alongside this, the costs may escalate if a crown is applied, and carrying a risk of the root canal being fractured and brittle in future would require further treatment to replace the root canal, potentially increasing the cost of managing your root canal to $10,000. A tooth implant is durable, secure and is a long-term solution which requires less maintenance apart from carrying out a naturally strong oral routine 

How Does Tooth Implant Treatment Work?

The dentist will examine your oral health first. This includes checking the condition of your bone density as this is necessary to infuse the titanium implant into the bone. 

The dentist will ensure the affected area is cleaned accordingly before a hole is developed into the bone for the implant screw to safely fit. Once healed, the abutment is placed into the gum which connects the ceramic crown (the artificial tooth) to the implant. 

The implant procedure occurs over multiple appointments. Consult an oral surgeon to determine the appropriate costings to get a tooth implant fitted. You want to understand the procedure from start to end, including any additional treatments such as replacing decayed teeth to determine if you can afford the cost of tooth implant treatment.