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Cosmetic Dentistry vs Orthodontistry – What’s The Difference?

Have you always wondered what the difference is between a cosmetic dentist and an orthodontist? The answers are right here. For all dentists, the objective is to deliver happy and healthy smiles. The roles and responsibilities of cosmetic dentists and orthodontists differ slightly.

Let’s highlight the differences between a cosmetic dentist and an orthodontist and identify the benefits of both so that you can consult the correct type of dentist for a dental issue you experience.

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Who are Cosmetic Dentists?

Cosmetic Dentists are more focused on the look of your teeth when you smile. When you smile, you want your teeth to shine in public. The aesthetic treatments cosmetic dentistry provides caters for a Hollywood look that you’ve always looked for. An advantage of cosmetic treatment is that pre-examinations help to limit any potentials of cavity or bacteria forming in your teeth, so the dentist can take appropriate action before a cosmetic fitting. Teeth Whitening, Dentures or Dental Veneers are common forms of cosmetic treatments that transform your look and shine.

What Are The Responsibilities Of A Cosmetic Dentist?

The cosmetic dentist helps to deliver the following benefits to your teeth.

  • Transform Your Confidence and Self Esteem – The dentist understands that your smile makes you feel low if your teeth are discolored and stained. You and the dentist would want your teeth to look aesthetically pleasing enough to show off in public. This ultimately restores your confidence.
  • Remove Stubborn Stains Such As Plaque and Tartar – Stained teeth typically form due to a diet consisting of sugary and dark solids and liquids. The cosmetic dentist transforms your smile with a check-up and clean services and further cosmetic treatments if necessary, such as Teeth Whitening.
  • Improve Your Mouth Function – With degrading teeth, the positioning of your teeth could change leading to an abnormal bite and teeth clenching. These affect biting, eating, chewing and speaking. As your jaw becomes week, the bone stops stimulating causing a change in your appearance.

Cosmetic dentistry

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Who Are Orthodontists?

Orthodontists also look after the aesthetic look of your teeth but specialize more towards ensuring your natural teeth are as strong as possible. If you suffer from niggling issues such as misalignment, crooked teeth or jaw issues, the orthodontist pays special attention to these issues. Whilst they may not be resolvable all the time, the orthodontist is in a better position to recommend further treatments if necessary.

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Orthodontist?

The Orthodontist helps to deliver the following benefits to your teeth:

  • Reduce Your Risk Of Gum Disease – With regular plaque build-up, this can cause inflammation within your gums. Alongside removing plaque and tartar, correction of alignment will also help with this.
  • Reduce Your Risk Of Tooth Decay – Tooth Decay can form for many reasons. Acidic foods and liquids and sugary treats where the tooth enamel degrade. If debris exists in your teeth, bacteria causes erosion and increases chances of forming cavities.
  • Correction of Breathing Issues – If your teeth and jaw cause breathing issues such as snoring, these issues can also be resolved.

Depending on the type of dental issue you’re experiencing, this guide will help you determine which type of dentist you need to visit. With irregularities in your teeth, consult an orthodontist. With aesthetic issues, consult a cosmetic dentist.

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