Can wisdom teeth be removed in the dentist chair

Can Wisdom Teeth Be Removed In The Dentist Chair?

You’ve just been notified that you’ve partially erupted wisdom teeth and it needs to be removed. Yes, this means it’s likely you’ll need to undergo wisdom teeth removal treatment.  Naturally, you’re going to feel nervous about it, and the thought of removing a tooth can be a frightening experience. Although, modern dentistry has advanced itself

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Man brushing teeth

When Food Is Trapped Between Teeth

Even if you eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and the food gets trapped between teeth, then you need to understand why this keeps happening. You’re likely identifying how you can remove trapped food. However, let’s take a back step and identify why food regularly remains stuck. How Does Food Get Stuck?

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A man smoking cigarette

Regular Smoking Damages Teeth

Kick the smoking habit! It is bad for your oral health and smoking damages teeth. Eventually, your teeth will show signs of discolouration and wear and tear. Of course, it is understandably difficult to quit straightway, but there are alternatives to help you kick the habit. If you’re conscious about how your teeth look, yet

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Wedding checklist for dental health

Dental Checklist For Your Wedding

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! There’s so much to do, so many things to tick off— we know you’re busy! We also know that you’ll likely spend your wedding day smiling (a lot!). You and your smile will be centre of attention on the day, and your wedding photos will record the memories for many

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