General Dentistry

an image of dental plaque on teeth

How Is Dental Plaque Harmful?

It is easy to assume that dental plaque can be removed by brushing your teeth and that no harm will have been done to your oral health. When dental plaque builds in the mouth, attention needs to be paid to it to avoid it from regularly occurring. If you’re thinking about getting a dental cavity,

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a lady drinking water

Drinking Water Can Improve Oral Health

There is a strong connection between drinking water and your oral health, and there are a number of reasons why regular consumption of water improves oral health. Recommended guidelines indicate that a minimum of 7 to 8 glasses of water a day (2 litres) will wash away any bacterial toxins in the mouth to make

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test of saliva in the mouth

Tips To Maintain Saliva In The Mouth

A lack of saliva in the mouth can cause a condition known as dry mouth. It is an uncomfortable condition that can difficulty in digesting food after you’ve eaten. One of the misconceptions is that dry mouth only impacts the elderly generation. Although, this is far from the truth. A lack of oral care will

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a man eating a snack

How Midnight Snacking Causes Damage To Teeth

Are you guilty of opening the cupboard before bedtime to eat a snack? Whilst eating a snack at midnight shouldn’t be forbidden, it is important to understand whether midnight snacking causes damage to teeth. There are multiple reasons why people care about a late-night snack. Maybe it is a tradition or just a habit you

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a person smoking a cigarette

Regular Smoking Damages Teeth

Kick the smoking habit! It is bad for your oral health and smoking damages teeth. Eventually, your teeth will show signs of discolouration and wear and tear. Of course, it is understandably difficult to quit straightway, but there are alternatives to help you kick the habit. If you’re conscious about how your teeth look, yet

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dry socket sensitivity

Tips To Prevent Dry Socket

When a tooth is extracted, you’ll first experience some swelling around the affected area, and a blood clot will begin to form over the affected area to heal the underlying bone and nerve. The blood clot needs to form adequately in order for your mouth to have healed. The blood clot can become dislodged, which

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Lady with a fitted dental implant smiling

The Key Signs of Calcium Deficiency

Does your general dentist recommend eating foods that contain calcium for strong teeth and bones? If you’re not aware of it, calcium is a vital ingredient for healthy teeth and bones. You shouldn’t ignore consuming it. This is because having a deficiency can cause symptoms that damage your teeth. This may also potentially introduce adverse

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How Poor Nutrition Impacts Your Teeth

The food and drink you consume play a big part in how your teeth look and feel. Giving up your favourite food is never easy, and whilst it’s not something you want to hear, your favourite food could be damaging your teeth. There are many cosmetic treatments available to restore your aesthetic appearance, but it’s

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