Canberra Saiva Temple

The Canberra Saiva Temple and Educational Association runs the Canberra Murukan Temple, which is located on Beasley Street in Torrens, ACT. The temple serves as a pillar of the Hindu community providing religious and educational services to the neighbourhood.

Temple Construction

The Canberra Murukan Temple’s first stage was completed in late 1996. In November 1997, The congregation performed a consecration service for several deities including Lord Murukan.

Mr. S. Mylvaganam and Mr. A. Jegatheeswaran, as well as their managing director, Mr. N. Manoharan, are the leaders of the group. These leaders led a dedicated team of over two dozen people who constructed and managed the Temple and Educational Centre.

The main temple houses Civan, Vinayagar, Valli, Murukan, Teyvayanai as the main deities. Other deities, including Maha Vishnu, Bhu Devi, Nadarajar, Sri Devi, Amman, Durga, Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Vairavar, and Navagriham. These nine deities preside over the nine planets.

The main temple was constructed according to agamas by an Indian sthapati. This phrase means “one who knows the art of constructing temples.”

The Organisation

The Canberra Saiva Temple and Educational Association runs the Canberra Murukan Temple as well as the library and educational centre. The nonprofit religious institution’s goal is to enhance the Saiva religion.

The institution is technically a limited liability corporation, but they have strict bylaws. The organisation solely works for the good of the people, with their company not taking in any profit whatsoever. They are designated as a charity with tax exemption benefits.

Any new Hindu to the area must consider getting involved with this reputable organisation.

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