Vitamins for strong teeth and gums

Vitamins For Strong Teeth And Gums

A strong oral routine is an essential requirement for strong teeth and gums. However, what is equally important as what you feed your mouth. Our mouths go through a lot of activity, and what we feed is important to ensure it remains strong. We’re talking about teeth, gums, tissue, and bone by mouth. Combined, this

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Tooth pain due to vitamin deficiency

Can Vitamin Deficiency Cause Tooth Pain?

There have been many research experiments in the past that link vitamins to your dental health. For strong tooth development, certain nutrients are required to preserve its structure throughout life.  So, what are the essential vitamins for strong teeth, and what does it mean if you have a vitamin deficiency? These questions will be answered

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Veneers for crooked teeth

Can I Get Veneers For Crooked Teeth?

Are you seeking a cosmetic solution to your smile? Maybe you’ve noticed some niggling imperfections in your teeth, and you want a solution to resolve your smile. Dental veneers have always been worthwhile cosmetic options since they became a treatment option, and it helps restore your smile by hiding any chips and cracks that have

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Can you have teeth whitened during pregnancy? 1

Can You Have Teeth Whitened During Pregnancy?

If you’re pregnant, or if you’ve recently given birth to your newborn child, you may have stumbled across the thought as to whether you can whiten your teeth during pregnancy or not, and are there any teeth whitening side effects when pregnant.  The truth is that there are a low of unknowns to this question,

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Man with swollen face

How To Get Rid Of Swollen Face From Tooth Infection?

A dental abscess is a bacterial infection caused by the accumulation of pus inside the tooth root. Pus is a thick fluid that contains dead tissue, cells, and germs and is produced regularly when an infection has developed. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the gums and bone. When bacteria begin to build

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How do dentists number teeth in australia?

How Do Dentists Number Teeth In Australia?

Why do dentists in Australia examine your teeth and voice a string of numbers? It’s a common question that patients still don’t understand why they do it, or you may not have attempted to disclose the question to them.  If you’re curious about teeth numbers in Australia, we explain what you’re likely to hear regarding

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Can wisdom teeth be removed in the dentist chair

Can Wisdom Teeth Be Removed In The Dentist Chair?

You’ve just been notified that you’ve partially erupted wisdom teeth and it needs to be removed. Yes, this means it’s likely you’ll need to undergo wisdom teeth removal treatment.  Naturally, you’re going to feel nervous about it, and the thought of removing a tooth can be a frightening experience. Although, modern dentistry has advanced itself

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Why teeth are not considered bones

Why Teeth Are Not Considered Bones

Many patients have indeed sought to know whether teeth are considered bones. The key commonality between your teeth and bone is that they’re both hard substances. By teeth, we mean your enamel, the substance located at the front surface of your teeth designed to protect your smile from harmful substances.  To answer that straight off

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