Dental Implant Garran

Dental Implant Aftercare Tips

Dental implants are a natural replacement for missing teeth. They are an increasingly popular alternative to past treatments such as bridges and crowns. With the appropriate aftercare, implants are more likely to last a lifetime. Because they’re a natural replacement for natural teeth, they’re standalone and need no neighbouring support. There’s no impact on how

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Teeth Whitening in Garran

Remedies To Make Way For Whiter Teeth

As we age, it is inevitable that teeth become yellow. However, some believe that once the yellow dentin becomes exposed, teeth will stay yellow unless you visit a professional dentist to undergo teeth whitening treatment. However, we can safely tell you there are a variety of remedies that can help halt the yellow appearance. They

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Dental Emergency Contact

Dental Emergencies In Sports

A dental emergency can happen anytime and anywhere. Trauma to teeth, however, tends to occur through sudden physical contact. This can lead to a feeling of shock. By physical contact, this means sports or contact activities. The majority of oral health injuries occur within sport and injuries are more likely to occur without any protection,

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Denture Complete

What To Do With Painful Dentures

Dentures are fitted to be comfortable and secure on your gums. However, it is natural that dentures will become uncomfortable and become loose in time. As a denture patient, you want to ensure that your dentures can fit for as long as possible. Dentures usually fit snuggly around the gums. However, if you experience a

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cosmetic dentistry treatment

Tips To Keep Your Teeth Enamel Strong

The results of white and shiny teeth form from the enamel. Enamel is the outer protective layer of teeth that forms the whiteness in your teeth to help you keep a shiny smile. If your enamel is weak, this can undermine the shine in your teeth and discolour your smile. As part of good oral

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Root Canal Dental Aftercare Tips by Garran

The Truth About Root Canal Treatment Revealed

Root canal treatment myths have spread like wildfire, causing patients to think twice about root canal treatment if a tooth decayed or severely damaged. Patients believe that the best form of treatment for a decayed or damaged tooth is tooth extraction treatment. However, taking up this form of treatment has more negative results for your

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