How do dentists number teeth in australia?

How Do Dentists Number Teeth In Australia?

Why do dentists in Australia examine your teeth and voice a string of numbers? It’s a common question that patients still don’t understand why they do it, or you may not have attempted to disclose the question to them.  If you’re curious about teeth numbers in Australia, we explain what you’re likely to hear regarding

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Can wisdom teeth be removed in the dentist chair

Can Wisdom Teeth Be Removed In The Dentist Chair?

You’ve just been notified that you’ve partially erupted wisdom teeth and it needs to be removed. Yes, this means it’s likely you’ll need to undergo wisdom teeth removal treatment.  Naturally, you’re going to feel nervous about it, and the thought of removing a tooth can be a frightening experience. Although, modern dentistry has advanced itself

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Why teeth are not considered bones

Why Teeth Are Not Considered Bones

Many patients have indeed sought to know whether teeth are considered bones. The key commonality between your teeth and bone is that they’re both hard substances. By teeth, we mean your enamel, the substance located at the front surface of your teeth designed to protect your smile from harmful substances.  To answer that straight off

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Signs of gum disease

How Long Do Dental Fillings Last?

A misconception that continues to surface is that dental fillings can hurt and they can last a lifetime. Unfortunately, that’s not the case.  So, what constitutes the shelf life of a dental filling? A problem with a tooth is a problem for life. In the context of a dental filling, if a cavity has formed

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Lady with a fitted dental implant smiling

Are‌ ‌Dental‌ ‌Fillings‌ ‌Painful?‌ ‌

Dental fillings are typically needed to fill holes formed by a dental cavity. A cavity naturally causes pain and discomfort, and this likely increases without a restorative form of treatment like a filling. It also doesn’t help if you suffer from dental anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. If this is you, this

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Tooth implant

What Is The Cost Of Tooth Implant In Australia?

Tooth Implants is becoming a more popular choice of treatment to permanently replace one or more teeth. As modern dentistry has evolved, tooth implants outlast other conventional choices of treatments such as bridges and dentures, treatments that were popular before implants came to the fore. Although, one of the factors of a tooth implant is

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Man brushing teeth

When Food Is Trapped Between Teeth

Even if you eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and the food gets trapped between teeth, then you need to understand why this keeps happening. You’re likely identifying how you can remove trapped food. However, let’s take a back step and identify why food regularly remains stuck. How Does Food Get Stuck?

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Gingivitis in women

What Does It Mean When Gums Are Inflamed?

If you have swollen or inflamed gums, the first symptom is mouth sensitivity, and the common cause of inflamed gums is gum disease. Gum disease comes in two forms; gingivitis, which is the mild stage, and periodontal disease, which is an advanced stage where the inflamed gums can cause damage to the underlying tissue that

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